Rapper Claiming To Be Jay Z's Mistress Releases New Song 'Sorry Mrs. Carter'

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LIV Sorry mrs Carter video

LIV Sorry mrs Carter video 3

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If it ain't one thing, it's another...

During the time the whole Jay-Z/ Solange fight went down, a woman went running to the tabloids claiming she was the reason for the fight, but unfortunately folks were more interested in Rachel Roy than some aspiring rapper claiming to be Jay Z's mistress.

Now, she's back. The woman goes by the name of LIV and she has released a video for a song called "Sorry Mrs. Carter." Using OutKast's "Ms. Jackson" as backdrop, she briefly throws darts at Beyoncé right out of the gate, while stating that her husband prefers "naturally flawless model chicks" such as herself. Then Liv switches up and clarifies her relationship with Jay, According to her, she and Jay Z never "screwed" but they had a special connection.

Be a lonely chick 'fore I be number two

Be damned if I don't, be damned if I do

F-ck f-cking to the top, me and Jay never screwed

We connected on some hip hop sh-t

He could be himself with me and he dig that sh-t

Us two was attracted like some magnets

And us crossing paths was no accident

When I stepped out his life, I took a piece of his heart

I know he still close his eyes and sees me in the dark

I bet he wish I just stayed and played my part

Imagining what I could've been with no regard

Later in the song, she raps:

You got a good girl, why she messing with a bad guy?

Ha! F-ck you doing with a rap-guy?

Down to ride 'til the very end

He never kiss you, never hold your hand

He's a pimp by blood, not relation

I'm ringing the alarm, 'cause I over stand

Girls can't run the world fighting over men

She also adds:

On some real sh-t, it's time to tell these young girls some real sh-t. Tell them how you became a wife. You out here telling them how to surfboard. Come on now Surfboard? Monica Lewinsky? You a married woman. Why don't you tell these girls how to be wives? Why don't you tell these girls how to act around your husband?

The video has garnered over 1.3 million views so far. Looks like she's getting what she was looking for...but does anyone really believe this chick?

Watch it below:

And here's a radio interview Liv did last year explaining how she met Jay

Spotted @ Daily Mail UK

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