Rachel Dolezal's Adopted Black Brother: 'She's In Blackface'

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From left to right: Ezra Dolezal, Franklin Moore (Rachel’s biological son), Rachel Dolezal, and Zach Dolezal. From left to right: Ezra Dolezal, Franklin Moore (Rachel’s biological son), Rachel Dolezal, and Zach Dolezal.

"Transracial" or self-hate?

#TeamRachel members just suffered a massive blow to their defense of Rachel Dolezal, the white Spokane NAACP leader who spent years pretending to be a black woman.

Many of Rachel's supporters have been giving the African Studies professor a pass for pretending to be a black woman since the story gained national attention this week. Because of her allegiance to African-Americans and her devotion to our culture and issues, her sketchy past, and life of lies have been given a complete blind eye.

Just yesterday Keri Hilson tweeted out that we should actually be thanking the embattled 37-year-old for "doing more than most of us do for our ourselves."

Let's just all thank #RachelDolezal. Identity, pathological, & parental issues aside, she's doing more than most of us do for ourselves. It is really weird tho. She took it pretty far with slave whips & what not. Levels. Deep. #RachaelDolezal. I'm not sayin she doesn't have serious ISSUES, I'm just sayin don't knock her intentions or discredit her efforts. @NAACP stands by her work. Just my personal opinion. You don't need to agree. Or thank her. Lol.

A funny thing about Rachel's intentions though...

According to Ezra, one of her adopted black brothers, Rachel's intentions is rooted not in compassion, but in self-hate that she may have developed when she attended Howard University for her Master's Degree in Fine Art from 2000-2002.

The 22-year-old said Rachel was just fine before she attended the HBCU, where she stuck out like a sore thumb as one of the few white people on campus. Ezra said the HBCU experience left Rachel hating white folks, telling Buzzfeed,

She used to tell us that teachers treated her differently than other people and a lot of them acted like they didn’t want her there. Because of her work in African-American art, they thought she was a black student during her application, but they ended up with a white person.

It’s like what psychologists call self-hating. She had no reason not to like herself being white. She was an awesome artist and she could have accomplished everything she did, if she had stayed exactly the same.

Much like others, Ezra doesn't believe his sister was the victim of any hate crimes either. A major plot in Rachel's story is all the times she's claimed to have been a victim, most recently alleging that she received a hate package in her PO box. Because the package didn't bear any bar codes and date stamps, police highly doubt it was mailed to her. And many of her other cases have been closed due to lack of evidence.

Rachel also claimed she was abused by her parents, who used to punish her and her siblings by skin complexion. According to a feature in The Easterner:

Doležal has no contact today with her mother or stepfather due to a series of events that still haunt her thoughts today.

Doležal and her siblings were physically abused by her mother and stepfather. “They would punish us by skin complexion,” she said.

According to Doležal, the object her mother and stepfather used to punish them was called a baboon whip, used to ward baboons away in South Africa. These whips would leave scars behind, “they were pretty similar to what was used as whips during slavery.”

Ezra says he feels Rachel's fraudulent stories of hate crimes and having a tough childhood filled with slavery-like abuse (that he denied they experienced) is all a ploy to set herself up as a "martyr," with hopes of gaining sympathy from the public. Ezra even thinks she faked having cervical cancer for more attention.

Via Buzzfeed:

Ezra’s relationship with his sister wasn’t always so toxic.

“I would talk to her all the time before all this fell apart, and she became angry towards everybody,” he said.

But now, Ezra said he doesn’t believe anything Rachel has said or done over the past few years, including her claims of being diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2006.

“I wasn’t in touch with her regularly during that time, but she didn’t mention anything about having cancer until very recently,” he said.

He also doesn’t buy her claims of receiving hate mail or being the target of racist attacks. “She made herself into a martyr on purpose for people to feel sorry for her and to help her,” Ezra said.

Rachel's self-hate issues are so deep that, according to Ezra, she brainwashed their other adopted brother Izaiah, who Rachel calls her "birth son" after legally obtaining custody of him in 2010. Ezra says she convinced Izaiah into hating white people and that she told him their parents were racists.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.28.52 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.20.36 PM

Despite his sister asking him not to blow up her spot, Ezra had to speak up because he felt it was a "slap in the face" for Rachel to poach on the Black Struggle. Especially when "she grew up white, in a nice house, with a good education."

She puts dark makeup on her face and says she black. It’s basically blackface.

If it were a black woman who bleached her skin and did everything to take on the appearance of a white woman while vocally denying her entire ancestry, the word "self-hate" would be thrown around faster than she could say "green bean casserole."

In Rachel's case though, some are likening her story to Caitlyn Jenner's and using terms like "transracial" to describe Rachel's attempt to mimic and embody what it means to be a real black woman.

We're not doctors, but it's looking like Rachel simply has self-hate issues with sprinkles of Munchausen syndrome, a factitious disorder where a person feels the need to victimize themselves for sympathy and attention. Faking cervical cancer? Sending herself hate packages? Lying about her childhood? Denying her Caucasian roots?

Self-hate and Munchausen syndrome sounds about right.

It truly is a sad situation.

P.S. Sarah Palin has a lot to say:

Rachel Dolezal

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 6.23.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 6.30.28 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 6.30.34 PM

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