Quincy Brown Explains Why He Walked Away From A Starring Role On 'Empire,' + Dishes On Keke Palmer Dating Rumors And Relationship With Al B. Sure

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Quincy on Breakfast club

Love Empire? Imagine if it were Quincy rapping, "Drip drop, drip drippity drop" and not the actor who plays "Hakeem." Well, it almost happened...

Diddy's eldest son stopped by The Breakfast Club yesterday morning and revealed that he was THIS close to being Lucious Lyon's youngest on the hit musical show.

The 23-year-old explained that he was all booked up to play Hakeem but had to back out after months of negotiations because FOX tried to stick him with one of those publishing-stealing contracts, and Diddy wasn't having it. (The irony is that Puff was famous for making his artists sign similar contracts back in the day.]

Elsewhere in the interview, Quincy shut down rumors that he and Keke Palmer were ever an item and reveals that he is boo'd up with someone who is currently on television, and he also dished on his current relationship with his biological father, former '80s R&B heartthrob Al B. Sure.

Check the highlights!

On turning down the role of Hakeem on Empire:

I pretty much booked the role and dealing with a show like that, it breaks down theatrically and musically [almost like Glee]. Theatrically, the deal--everything was great. No complaints there at all. I was ready to go. [But] they didn't really let me know there was a music side that was mandatory that came with the theatrical contract. It was a [360] 1080 deal. It just took everybody for a loop because we went to negotiate and try to change a couple of things and they were just like, 'Nah.' But I was like, 'Wait all contracts are negotiable, right?' They were like, 'Nope!'

So I'm like let me see if my dad [Diddy] can help someway, somehow. I went to him with it and he's like, 'This is crazy.' He was getting the right people on the phone and he was like there's no way this could be going down like this, and it didn't. I believe in my human and music rights way more than giving it up like that. [They wanted] everything [all my points and publishing].

There's a lot of people hating for me not doing it. Even family and close friends were like, 'Yo! You passed that up?!' But I'm like it's more to it. Only if you really, really knew the realness of it. It was like, 'Oh I'm not doing it.' It was four or five months of back and forth between FOX, my dad, [creator] Lee Daniels and [executive producer] Brian Grazer.

On his relationship with his biological father, Al B. Sure:

[Our] relationship is more stable now in a sense of communication, not necessarily in my life as a father. I respect him for just being my friend, being there as that guy that bring me to the world rather than--I'm not expecting him to be a father. I'm not expecting him to do the father things. I kinda want him to be there to support my career and stuff like that along the way. No [he doesn't get a card for Father's Day].

On rumors Diddy used to shut Al B. Sure out of Quincy's life:

It wasn't necessarily a shut down, it was a confusion. I had to explain that 'this is my pops and I spoke to him earlier' and he [Diddy] could just not ever understand it. So you got to see it how he sees it. If [Diddy's] in a situation where he's taking care of [me]--then [he] thinks okay, 'what is [Al B. Sure] doing for you?' and he asks again, I can only say, 'Well, he's not doing much,' then that's only going to keep thoughts in [Diddy's] mind. [But] nothing bad like, 'Don't talk to him! Cut him off!' None of that.

On Keke Palmer dating rumors:

April Fool's Day three years ago, randomly, somebody sent me a picture of a dog. I was like, 'Oh that's cute.' So me and Keke were texting at the time and I was like, 'I'm about to throw up a photo saying, 'Happy Birthday, baby'' and I was like 'I'm going to ask for another picture of the dog, and you throw the same photo up and you say, 'Oh my God! My baby surprised me' and it'd be an April Fool's joke.' So we did that and it worked. It was joke [and] a quick spontaneous thought, but it all lined up perfectly.

On dating:

I move real silent. I don't claim anybody but people I tend to spend my time with--she already know. Y'all see them on TV.


[I spent Valentine's day] with somebody. She's in the celebrity world.

On being called an "Instagram thot":

I have a cool little following on Instagram but it's just another promo tool. I'm very social. If I'm heavy on the Instagram that don't make me no thot. I never see no thirst traps. You don't ever see no shirtless photos of me, I don't think. I ain't hit 'em with that yet!

Watch the interview below.

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