8 Pumpkin Beauty Finds You Need To Try This Fall

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After a long, sultry summer, fall is here to usher in everything pumpkin-related…and we're getting in on the fun too! However, we're not just recommending pumpkin-flavored food or drinks, instead we're featuring something even better in the form of beauty products.

For those of you who are beauty-obsessed, you're probably always looking for the next beauty product to find its way into your clutches and make you look your best. These pumpkin beauty favs get the job done and smell good enough to eat in the process.

Check out our pumpkin beauty product round-up and let us know some of your favorite fall beauty finds and what's your favorite pumpkin product of all-time, in the comments below!

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Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer

This triple-action chemical and enzymatic exfoliating treatment revitalizes dull and aging complexions in a variety of ways. It exfoliates with pumpkin enzyme, reveals with alpha hydroxy acid, and polishes with aluminum oxide crystals. Shop here.

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