10 Press-On Nail Inspo To Get You Through Quarantine

It's a good time to clean, glue, press and go.

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With nail salons closed and no nail appointments in the foreseeable future, this quarantine has most of us stuck on what to do next. We can learn how to do gel manicures and tips ourselves but, I'm not going to lie, I'm one of those girls who can paint my own nails for nothing. Don't get me wrong, learning a new skill would be great, but I need a quick fix. ASAP! So I want to remind you that ameatur gel polish designs are not your only option. You can go for an easier, beginner-friendly route — press-on nails. All you have to do is clean, glue, press and go!

For a long time, I thought press-ons were too limiting because it came in that standard French tip style, one shape, and no real room for creativity. But with so many brands and designs available, it's getting harder to point out a press-on from the real thing.

So, I gathered some bomb press-on nail designs that will save your nails from this quarantine and change the way you look at press-on nails for once and for all.

Pearls of Wisdom

Gracie J is known for giving you one-of-a-kind nail vibes and she's definitely serving that with an orange and pink ombre and a blend of pearls and stones to top it all off.

Sky High Pastels

This soft yellow is fire and a great color for spring! Sometimes all you need is a bomb color and accessories.


Clear nails is definitely one of my favorite nail trends, but this ombre of bling with clear tips is hella cute.

Take Nothing for Granite

Something about the granite-like nail design is so cute to me, it makes a statement but is very classy.


It's crazy how matte nails can give off such a different vibe from our shiny top coat. It's vibrant and sophisticated with a little edge.

Solid Gold

This is probably one of my favorites. It's a beautiful nude but the gold burnt design definitely took these press-ons to another level.

Lady Godiva

Chocolate nails just always seem like a good choice regardless of the season. It's a simple but chic option if you're tired of the nudes.

Smell the Roses

This reminds me of rose quartz — subtle and chic, plus you can always add a little extra if you want to!


Animal print is definitely trending this season, so it only makes sense to put it on your nails too! Cow print can be a bold choice but you honestly can't go wrong with black and white.


These deep orange nails are fire. Period.

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