20140719-170950-61790249.jpgThere is nothing more adorable than seeing a dad spending quality time with his daughters.

Over the years, we've seen Diddy spending his time going from the boardroom to turning up at some of the hottest parties across the world, but after his three daughters were born, he moved to LA, and his Bad Boy lifestyle came to a screeching halt.

Now, when he's not making power moves at Revolt TV, Ciroc, Sean John and AquaHydrate, he's at home experiencing the joys of fatherhood and creating amazing moments with his six kids.

This weekend, he shared a precious photo of himself teaching one of his twins how to ride a bike with the caption:


Last year, while sharing with Jimmy Kimmel his experience attending his first daddy/daughter dance, Diddy revealed that he was so overwhelmed he almost cried, and that his girls really changed his life.

It’s been a part of my evolution, my teary-eyed moments. I’m like, I can’t start crying at the dance, I don’t want to embarrass my daughters. I’m going through something right now that no money, no success and no accolades that I’ve gotten can ever measure up to being able to enjoy the beauty of my kids, especially my daughters.

I work very hard for my kids to enjoy a great life and I make no apologies for being able to provide them with experiences that I’ve worked hard to experience. For me, I’ve just started to grow up and it’s been a little late. When you grow up in entertainment and you’re not working on or not really following any rules, once you have kids, [that changes.] I think for me, it was having girls because the boys could fall down the stairs and everything is going to be alright but the girls, it’s like a whole different line of questioning and focus. It really just makes you face reality. It’s just been great for me.


Watch a clip below:

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