The Power Couples In The Zodiac & Your Money Match Based On Astrology
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The Power Couples In The Zodiac & Your Money Match Based On Astrology

Find your money match and what sign you can thrive with in life.


When it comes to power couples in the zodiac, there are instant matches that make for love and financial compatibility. Some zodiac signs work better together than others, and considering financial challenges tends to make or break relationships--finding your money match is important. Not only that but there are certain signs in the zodiac that can enhance your financial world, just by being in it. Planetary energy in certain areas of your birth chart can provide higher success rates and opportunities, and compatibility energy varies by degree.

Power couples in the zodiac may not always be your typical astrology matches. We all know earth signs go well with water signs and fire signs go well with air signs, but what truly makes a power couple is the dynamic energy that each sign has when reaching goals, and going about them. Finding someone that can bring something to the table that you don’t already bring or want to do yourself, makes for a good match not only in the workplace but within love as well.

So what makes a power couple, and is this energy sustainable for a long-term love relationship? Read below to find your money match, and what sign you can thrive with in life.


Aries and Cancer are a dynamic duo. Fire signs and water signs feed off each other’s energy and both bring something unique to the table. Aries brings the drive, direction, and passion to this pairing. Cancer makes sure all bases are covered and that Aries doesn't get too ahead of themselves. Cancer wants to sustain Aries' passions and vision, which helps bring concrete results to what Aries is putting out there.

Not to mention, these two have a ball together and are constantly laughing and keeping things light. Aries and Cancer have fun together and are a couple that everyone wants to be around. This pairing might seem odd from the outside looking in, but there is just something that works for them and this power couple knows how to show up and show out. They are all about bringing results and are constantly growing and evolving financially.


Zodiac signs that are next to each other on the zodiac wheel tend to have a unique type of connection. When looking at the zodiac wheel, each sign after the next is said to be the evolution of the previous sign. With Taurus and Gemini, they understand each other in a way that they don’t get with other signs. This pairing works because Taurus wants to do everything Gemini doesn’t, and vice versa. Taurus isn’t afraid to put in the work and will do the nitty gritty stuff that Gemini quickly gets bored of.

Gemini expands the world of a Taurus and will do all of the networking that can seem like too much for the homebody soul of a Taurus. Taurus does the groundwork, and Gemini makes the needed connections to get the work out there. Although they may have different ideals when it comes to spending and saving; Taurus will always have something stored away for a rainy day, and Gemini will make sure the money is being put to good use.


Leo and Virgo are a power couple to the core. This pairing is all about uplifting each other and bringing out the best in one another. Both Leo and Virgo tend to be confident in the working sphere of life, and they both have a deep desire to do something purposeful in life. When Leo and Virgo come together, they create something big and elevated. Leo has the vision, and Virgo executes.

Virgo tends to be the overthinker here which is why it’s good for Virgo to be around Leo as Leo will instantly get Virgo in check and will remind them often of how great they are. Leo has big ideals and creative goals but doesn’t always know the concrete steps to put them into action. Virgo is inspired by a very clear need that Leo has for Virgo’s detail-oriented self, and will want to make all Leo’s dreams come true. This couple is red carpet material and they can provide a nice life for each other.


​Libraand Aquarius are that power couple that is for the people. This pairing makes many friends and acquaintances on their path and tends to inspire everyone around them. Two air signs coming together create a free-flowing relationship and they instinctively know what each other needs to make the relationship work. Libra wants to live the good life and this is the most common sign for billionaires.

Aquarius, although they may not always show it, strives for financial stability and groundedness in life, as they are partially ruled by Saturn, the great taskmaster.

Additionally, aesthetics are important to both of them and they will not only work well together but look well together as well. With Aquarius’ humanitarian heart, this power couple accomplishes great things together in life and does so with style and charisma. This is a couple that moves up the social ladder together and enjoys doing so with one another.


Scorpio and Capricorn are the definitions of a power couple. Empowerment is important to both of these signs in life in general, and they want the best of the best. Both Scorpio and Capricorn are extremely resilient and they aren’t one to give up easily, which makes for a long-lasting, loyal, pairing. Capricorn brings the necessary grounded approach to make their goals happen, and Scorpio brings the passion needed to push things forward.

Capricorns are a financially-focused sign as they are the sign of earthly desires and manifestation. Capricorn knows how to make nothing into something, and tends to have the Midas Touch. Scorpios have an inner fire in them that never goes out. Capricorn energy can get a little stagnant, and Scorpio will quickly turn things around here and will always make sure life is exciting for them. This is a couple that has the power to accumulate a large amount of wealth, and they both tend to be good at saving, managing finances, and analyzing what is going to bring them the best profit possible.


Sagittarius and Pisces are a fun power couple. They do well in atmospheres that provide a sense of freedom and spirituality, and they are constantly seeking to understand. They tend to be on the same page, which is no page at all, and they won’t be the ones to knock each other down or kill the vibe. Sagittarius’ freedom-oriented energy isn’t intimidating to Pisces as they are all about this type of stance to life.

What makes this duo a money match is that they are both ruled by Jupiter, the planet of success, abundance, and good fortune. So to put it lightly, luck is on their side. They don’t necessarily have to do as much groundwork to be successful as it’s their mind and power of manifestation that makes them a magnet for success. They are both extremely hopeful signs and look for the good in all situations. This is a couple you can bet on.

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