Pharrell Spotted With Son Rocket Man [Plus, 8 Things We Could Learn From Him]

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Pharrell Williams and son Rocket Man Williams Pharrell is many things--a musician, super producer, designer, and businessman, but first and foremost, he is a father.

It wasn't until recently that we even knew Pharrell was super dad to a 5-year-old named Rocket Man Williams, and last night, the proud father was spotted arriving at LAX with his mini me as he prepared to take off to his hometown for Thanksgiving. The father/son duo were also accompanied by security who made sure he guarded the little guy's face from the awaiting paparazzi.

Meanwhile, aspiring business owners and creatives could learn a thing or two from "Skateboard P." Pharrell is profiled in the latest issue of Fast Company, and considering all he has accomplished in his career, and this year alone ("Get Lucky" and "Blurred Lines" were the biggest hits of the year), he still remains humble.  His likeability factor is off the meter.

Check out 8 things we learned from his profile, plus more photos of Pharrell on daddy duty below:

Pharrell Williams and Son Rocket LAX Airport 2

1.) His aspirations:

He aspires to something like Andy Warhol's Factory: a hive of creativity that is also profitable, with a heavy dose of altruism. But though he designs clothes and chairs, dabbles in sculpture and architecture, and mentors kids, he will tell you that he is "a musician and not much more than that. Sometimes musicians say things like, 'I'm so happy they see beyond the music.' I've said it too. But people aren't seeing beyond the music; they're seeing something in it. I'm always thinking I'm so eclectic, but the truth is that everything boils down to music for me. That's the key to my success."

2) His surroundings:

He surrounds himself with people who "recognize that they are different, and they're unafraid of that and don't mind shaking hands with the next different person. Most anything I do I do because it involves someone I can learn from," he adds. "Sometimes you just gotta put your pride aside and be quiet so that you can absorb not only what a person is saying but how they are saying it--their energy, their body language. It's all for a reason."

3) He works with majority women:

Though he says he has no idea how many people now work for him (for the record, it's 10), he's very clear that only two of them are men. "Oh, I would go crazy with an office full of dudes," he says. "What am I going to talk about? Football? I don't know anything about sports. Women have always been my motivation, and equality is quite naturally a theme for me. So it's all estrogen: estrogenic--I'm going to create a term--intelligence. I wouldn't trade it for anything, and everyone works way, way, way harder than me."

4) He knows the key to success is teamwork

"You are only as good as your team," he says. "When you envisage success, you should see all the people you work with, in addition to yourself. When I look at that picture, I see giant angels who are much smarter than me, who can oversee the things that I don't know sh-t about.

I used to hire 21-year-old monsters with a twinkle in their eye," he adds. "I saw potential, but it was what I thought they could do, not what they could actually do. But you know what happens when you surround yourself with people with experience, who've seen everything a million times? A lot of them are gonna be older than you. When they vet people, they need to see more than twinkles; they need sparks."

5) He is humble

Williams's productivity is remarkable, but perhaps more impressive is his humility. In the two hours we are together, he takes credit for . . . nothing. "He has every right to an inflated ego, but he's extra humble," says Tyson Toussant, cofounder of Bionic Yarn. "It has to do with the way he was raised. He's a very amenable Southern gentleman. He calls everyone sir or ma'am. I grew up in Manhattan, and there are friends of mine, you'd think they had invented Twitter. He's not like that. He'll treat a doorman and Bill Gates the same way." The sentiment is genuine, Toussant adds, but also smart. "If you want people to have your back, you need to appreciate them."

6.) Most of his ideas come from the shower

"First thing I do [in the morning] is thank the master. I thank God every day. Then I lie there for a few minutes and just sort of . . . be. Then I shower, and that's where a lot of my concepts come from. I write songs in there sometimes. If you don't interrupt [your subconscious] with the ego, or are like, No, it's gotta be like this, then a lot of ideas will come. Once you start judging it and editing it, then you're no longer tapped in. You've moved it over to your mind before you even realize it. So I spend a lot of that time just standing there in the water with a blank stare. It is often the reason why I'm tardy."

7)He knew he was meant to be more than a "worker bee"

"The school system isn't spending a lot of time looking for specific potential. We are bred to be worker bees; to grow up, get married, have a kid, drive a Volvo, do our taxes, invest in something, find a hobby," says the man who did finally marry Helen Lasichanh--his girlfriend of five years and the mother of his son, Rocket--in October. "I spent a lot of time in school not paying attention."

8) He doesn't believe in luck

Williams used to believe in luck, but not anymore. "I'd say, 'Me? Really? Okay, cool!' But then when I looked over my shoulder, I could see that there was a clear path. Someone might say that Teddy Riley building his studio five minutes from my high school was luck. I mean, why leave New York and go there? But I don't see that now." For Williams, there is always judgment and choice. "Existence is all mathematics, and I see it as me listening to the math that is right in front of me. There's a key for every door," he adds, "and if you can't find it, you can make one. That's always an option."

Read more over at Fast Company

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