Osi Umenyiora Is Taking Legal Action Against Instagram User Claiming To Be His Mistress

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Osi Umenyiora Leila Lopes wedding

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Things no couple wants to go through on their wedding day:

1. Losing their wedding rings

2. The wedding dress getting ruined

3. Rumored sidechicks coming out the woodwork

Number three is what happened to newlyweds Osi Umenyiora and Leila Lopes. The gorgeous couple got married in Angola, Africa over the weekend, but what was supposed to be a joyous occasion was quickly wrecked when someone created an Instagram page and started claiming they were Osi's sidechick!

Soon after the couple tied the knot, the purported sidechick began posting up text conversations that she allegedly had with Osi via text messaging service WhatsApp. The messages showed the footballer professing his undying love for the woman while claiming she had power over him and his now-wife Leila. It was pretty much everything, including sex talk, a wife did not want to see or hear about or from her husband.  The person also claimed that although Osi was in love with her, he allegedly married Leila because of her status and because she was of African descent.

Here's just two examples of the texts that the account posted plus the alleged side chick's reasoning for posting the texts:

Osi's alleged text to sidechick Osi's alleged text to Sidechick

Osi's alleged side chick text messages Osi's alleged side chick

Well, Leila and Osi did hear about it and are now taking legal actions against the woman, who, as it turns out, is actually a man. Talk about a plot twist!

The couple released a joint statement refuting his claims of an affair and said despite his attempts, what God has joined together, no man can put asunder!

We strongly condemn the vicious and malicious lies that have recently been perpetuated all over the media. We already know that these lies are a coordinated effort by a single unstable male source to malign and discredit an otherwise joyous and highly successful occasion. An appropriate legal recourse is currently in effect.

We are pleased to report that the expected result from this individual has been an abysmal failure. We are fortified, strong, and extremely happy. We look forward to a prosperous life together. We would like to thank our family and friends for all your support.

Leila & Osi

The Instagram page has also been shut down.

Hopefully, "The Streisand Effect" doesn't hit the couple too hard with this press release. "The Streisand Effect" is what happens when a celebrity tries to censor something or dismiss a little-known rumor, but ends up making it a huge debacle. It's something no celebrity wants unless they're a Kardahsian.

You can read all of the alleged texts that the page posted below:

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