Oral Fixation: 6 Ladies Share Their Best Oral Sex Tips and Tricks

Ladies offer an easy to follow BJ guide as they share their best blowjob tips and tricks for giving their guys hotter oral sex.


There's power in knowing how to properly blow.

I might be on my knees, looking up at him, locking eyes as my mouth forms a perfect “o", but my act of submission is anything but. I am absolutely in control. His lips are parted, brows furrowed, eyes rolled back, as he creeps to that orgasm he loves for me to taunt him with. There's my power. He's so wrapped around my finger, just like my lips and tongue are wrapped around him.

Tapping into that power has fueled my desires to learn more. Don't get me wrong, we should always care about meeting our partner's needs, but who says we can't seek knowledge for our own pleasure-seeking enjoyment too? I spoke to some ladies about their most coveted and revered BJ tricks. Below are some of the pearls their wisdom left me with. Pun intended.

The Better the Build Up, The Better the Climax

“I like to build things up when I am performing oral. I start with the tip and suck on it a little. Then I might tap his wet tip against my breast a few times. Then I'll lick him from base to tip over and over. The shaft needs love too! (laughs) And he loves it. Then I'll take him in. The important thing is to not give it all up to him at once." – Nadia

Look Ma, No Hands

“My man is pretty… endowed (laughs) so he is much more than a mouthful. I used to think hands weren't needed during blowjob because it was a blowjob not a handjob, but it's actually really helpful in giving my mouth a break and helping vary my movements. I use my mouth and hand together. I firmly hold it around his base and use plenty of spit while I slick him up. I also move my hand up and down him in a twisting motion while I suck on the tip. You should feel the way he tenses up when I do that. Look at the flick of the, flick of the wrist (laughs)!" – Val


“Choking is fun, choking is sexy. I use my gag reflex to help make things sloppier when I'm giving him head. I gather that spit in my mouth and spit it on him and give him a little hand job to give my mouth a break. I think my preferred version is when he throat f***s me and makes me gag that way. I love the way my eyes tear up and my makeup smears. Bonus points if he gathers my spit with his hand to lube up his dick for me. TMI as hell (laughs), but it's a turn on for both of us." – Toya

Provide Lip Service to Other Areas

“Switch things up man. You can't do in and out the whole time. Take a break from the D and explore other parts of him. Tell him you want to watch how he does it (masturbate) while you take his balls into your mouth one at a time. I lick on them, at the skin in between each of them, I write his name (laughs). I go a little lower and kiss his inner thighs. That sharp inhale he does is what I live for, I swear!" – Brittany

In Too Deep

“I had to train myself girl, no lie, I had to train myself. I know some women who use throat spray to numb their throats so they can deep throat without any problems, but for me, I just used practice. Tips? Relax your throat and push down until you feel that gagging sensation. Moan so that you loosen up those muscles even more. Breathe through your nostrils and don't eat anything heavy beforehand, you don't need no problems! If he feels the back of your throat, he'll be happy (laughs) so don't feel pressured to take the whole 9, literally (laughs)." – KC

What's Your Flavor?

“Sometimes the fact that it's just flesh makes oral kinda bland to me. Like for men, they can enjoy themselves with our taste, you know? But we're just kinda enjoying our spit (laughs). I've had guys who have had really present pre-cum which made things interesting, but for the most part, I've found, it can taste a little unexciting down there. I think guys can feel when you're passionate and I'm most passionate when I'm loving it too so I like to use flavored lubricant or other edibles. Wrap it up afterwards though of course, we don't need no yeasty problems ladies!" – April

Run Him Dry

“When you feel like he's about to come, you have to suck the life force out of his body with your mouth. (laughs) I can't say it any other way. When he says 'I'm about to come', up the rhythm of your mouth and hand with each stroke. Be prepared for him to grind against you and meet your strokes and push through it. You can decide on if you spit or swallow. I prefer to swallow, but if you must spit, I say just have him come somewhere else. I know we're talking about a provocative subject matter, but that option just seems much more tasteful to me, don't you think?" – Brittany

Do you love going down on your man? What are some of your tried and true methods of turning him on? Share your wisdom with us below!

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