Every Outfit Beyoncé Rocked While On The Run II

She's better than the hype. She gives us life.

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Back in March of this year, Beyoncé took to her Instagram to announce the "On The Run II" tour. It is a follow-up to their successful "On The Run" stadium tour from 2014.

Fans know that a performance isn't just a show when it comes to Queen Bey. Everything from the musical arrangement, set design, visuals, choreography, and last, but not least, the costumes make for the ultimate experience.

The Carters kicked off their tour overseas in June and wrapped their final show last night in Seattle. In celebration of their last show, we've rounded up every single look Beyoncé has worn up until her final show.

Check out the iconic looks down below.

Parkwood/Picture Group

The OTR II Tour kicked off in Cardiff and Queen Bey graced the stage wearing a silver crystal-encrusted turtleneck bodysuit layered under a silver crystal-encrusted blazer. Both were custom pieces from designer, LaQuan Smith.

Which look was your favorite?

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