Nicole 'Hoopz' Alexander Moves Her 4 Single Sisters and Their 8 Kids Into Her Home in New Reality Show!

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5 sisters. 8 kids. 1 Ex. and 1 house.

That's Full House on steroids. And the turn up is about to be too real.

Remember last year when we told you that reality star and ex-fiance to Shaq, Nicole 'Hoopz' Alexander, announced that she and her sisters snagged a reality show? Well, it looks like the wheels (and cameras) have been rolling since then, and a whole year later- voila. We have a show!

Hoopz and her sisters: Jenni, Erika, Kortnee and Meagan, will all star in Oxygen Network's It Takes a Sister, a reality show based on the former Flavor of Love winner, her single sisters, and all 8 of their kids living under one roof in Knoxville, Tennessee. Oh, and did we forget to add that Hoopz assistant, who just so happens to be one of the girl's ex, lives there too?

Should be interesting!

Since her debut on Flavor of Love, the fitness buff and model has done pretty well for herself since her introduction to reality TV. So well, in fact, that back in 2010, after she beat out nine other contestants in 'I Love Money,' Hoopz banked a cool $250,000. With her quarter million dollar earnings, Hoopz has since flipped the cash by investing her money in a few places, including opening her own boutique. In an interview she did last year, Hoopz said:

I spent [my winnings] very wisely. I actually invested a lot of it, so it could keep on going and help the family out. And also, I like to travel and eat. So I've been a few different places, I mean just enjoying myself. Just living life.This wasn't something that I aspired to do. I was just blessed and I was put in the right position and everything started to happen and that's the difference with me. And i just rolled with it.

Now, that's a winner!

Hoopz, who is the oldest of all her sisters, is considered the "glue" that helps hold the family together. As far as what the 32-year-old, affectionately known as the 'Mama Bear' of the family had to say about the show (which was originally intended to also feature another sister and her 3 kids as well):

[It Takes a Sister] is more so focused on family and happy times. Of course there is going to be drama, but it's real life drama that happens. Not, drama where- you take this water and throw it in there face. No.

Is that a little shade towards Basketball Wives (produced by her ex-fiance's ex-wife)?

Speaking of Shaq, Hoops will also be addressing their break-up on the show, which she says "ended badly" before busting into tears with her sisters. We're all still waiting for the details on that, especially since the story surrounding their split was pretty bizarre.

The network described the series as the following:

This comedic docu-series gives viewers a look into Nikki “Hoopz" Alexander's unique and chaotic modern family with her four younger sisters and her 8 nieces and nephews. With an unparalleled bond, the Alexander sisters, ages 25 to 32, have been together through thick and thin. Now at Nikki's ranch in rural Knoxville, Tennessee, these city girls are fish-out-of-water as they try to fit in down south. Their relationships will be tested as Nikki, known as the “Mama Bear" of the family, pursues her dream of opening her own boutique, while also helping her sisters accomplish their own goals.

It Takes a Sister debuts August 4, on Oxygen.

Will you be tuning in?

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