Nicki Minaj On Revealing Halloween Costume: 'If You Are Feeling Yourself, You Might As Well Show The World'

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If you've been wondering why Nicki Minaj has been on Instagram flexing her royal rack, and dropping it like it's hot for bootylicious pics, she's got an answer for you.

This week, while chatting it up with Power 105.1FM's Breakfast Club backstage at Powerhouse, she revealed that she won't be able to do this type of stuff when she's a senior citizen, so why not do it now.

I've just been feeling a lot [more comfortable], and its like if you're feeling yourself, you might as well show the world. Like f*** the world. […] Sometimes you just hold so much back and its like, 'Look, I'm a girl and I won't be able to do this when I am 60 years old, so I am going to freaking do it [now].' I didn't know it was going to be that big of a deal. Because I swear my friend Shericka bought me that costume 2 hours before I put it on. […] My stylist couldn't come through with the costume that I was going to [wear]. I was going to have this cheetah thing and paint my face and then I couldn't get it, so I was like 'Well, let me just get any old thing.' And that was the any old thing.

Nicki also was asked how she felt about Kendrick Lamar not mentioning her as a top MC on his 'Control' track, and she responded:

I’m probably in the top five of n-ggas he did mention, so go and do your m-thaf-ckin research homeboy. But, I also feel like, maybe, he’s one of those, like, respectful gentlemen that probably wanted to feel like ‘Oh, I didn’t want to say a female’s name.’ Or maybe he just don’t think the kid is ill. But the kid know the kid is ill, so I don’t really need to be on nobody sh-t.

On Kendrick Lamar saying he is the king of New York

I’m the Queen of New York, I’m the King of New York. Let me tell you why. Let me tell you why. Let me tell you why. Platinum albums. Albums, plural. Number one in five m-thaf-ckin' countries, b-tch! Don’t play with me, you better respect my m-thaf-ckin’ gangster b-tch! When you got an album that goes No. 1 in Japan and in the UK and Australia, and America, at the same m-thaf-ckin’ time, and in Canada, you can speak my m-thaf-ckin name b-tch!

In that order...

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 12.20.07 PM

Watch the interview below:

After the interview, Nicki took to Twitter to reveal who she thinks is the real 'King of New York':

[...] For the record, Hov is the king of NY in my eyes.

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