Nicki Minaj Is Okay With The World Knowing That Meek Mill Is Her Man Now

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Got your man's pic going up... on a Monday!

According to Nicki Minaj's track "Favorite," "You are a lucky n---a if my mean azz like ya."

Well, Meek Mill is definitely lucky.

Back in December, we brought you the exclusive tea that Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill were an item, and she's finally confirmed the Lipton Iced Tea with a splash of sugar by uploading a PDA photo of herself and Meek Mill to her Instagram page.

This comes just a couple weeks after the two were photoed hugged up in the club alongside rapper Rick Ross and his new girlfriend, Ming Lee...

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill date night with Rick Ross and Ming Lee 2

... and just a few days after Meek posted a photo of his Young Money honey rocking his chain.


To which Nicki replied:


Although Nicki is clearly happy and moving on from her relationship with Safaree Samuels to one with Meek, she might have taken a shot at her ex recently.

During her pre-Super Bowl event at the Bud Light House of Whatever this past weekend, Nicki took to the mic to express her dislike for men who use women to come up.

Motherf*&$#!s get where they’re going, and then they wanna leave yo ass when they get there. Motherf*&$#!s that don’t know how to appreciate a motherf*&$#!g good thing until it’s gone!

I guess she doesn't have to worry because Meek been on as far as career goes.

And that's not the only shot she may have taken this weekend.

After her ex Safaree reposted a video of singer K. Michelle twerking to his new song "Burners" in the club, Nicki posted a subliminal shot on Instagram:

All this water n btchs is still thirsty #RobertoCavalli


As some of our social media followers have pointed out, K. Michelle was spotted in a Dreamchaser chain last summer, (presumably given to her by Meek), so there may be some underlying thing going on between the two ladies. (Which would be super weird seeing as though K. Michelle's beef with Lil' Kim last summer all happened because she was giving Nicki mad props on being the "Queen Of Rap".)


All of this is speculation, but what isn't speculation, is the answer to this question Angie Martinez asked Nicki Minaj back in December:


Meek Mill is walking around like the man right now.

P.S. The two are now starting to host appearances/parties together and are planning to tour together later this year.  New Hip Hop power couple in the making?

P.P.S. This PDA has to get under her ex's skin seeing as though he told The Breakfast Club Morning Show the one thing that really bothered him about his relationship with Nicki:

I don't think it was money, I don't think it was fame. I think when you are that big of a brand, you are a walking, living, breathing corporation and you always gotta be on. So if we go out, I can't even hold your hand, I can't put my arm around you and I'm an affectionate dude. I like to have my arm around my chick. I wanna be outside and be like, I'm with my chick. I don't want to be walking a couple steps behind you, or a couple steps away from you and acting like you're not my girl. And after a while, that puts a strain on somebody.

Granted, she is in a different space now versus when she was trying to get on and was on the come up. She may have kept her relationships a secret before, and marketed herself as a single woman to appease her fan base, but now, judging from what she's said in her interviews, she doesn't feel like she has to please anyone anymore. She's living her life.

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