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It might be warming up but it's officially Wynter's season!

Singer-songwriter Wynter Gordon is determined to put a face to the voice that's been penning songs for so long, and releases her newest hit, "The Hard Way."

The former Atlantic Records signee has been around for some time now, writing tacks on the low for such artists like: Mary J. Blige, Danity Kane and Jennifer Lopez. Wynter even scored big on the residuals tip when she then-24 year old co-wrote the hit track "Sugar" with Flo Rida back in 2009. For those following her, Wynter has since moved on to acclaim some fame overseas, releasing a debut album over there while working with top EDM producers like Steve Aoki and David Guetta.

On her new single and video for "The Hard Way," Wynter provides a dope and flawless visual interpretation of the beautiful track. While serving smoldering, simplistic looks in a classic Brooklyn apartment, the 29 year old sings about about self-doubt and depression, belting out lyrics lie:

I know I've spent my life

Running away from me

Got too much on my mind

And you say I'm insane

But I like to learn the hard way

It goes on and on...

I keep my head up

Keep it right above the waves

Sometimes I go under

In these oceans that I've made

Guess that's what you get

When you get no love

While discussing the track, Wynter said:

"This song is really dear and significant to me because it's like a page from my journal. I've been fighting with depression and anxiety for years while understanding my own beauty and brilliance. I just could not seem to do anything right in my own eyes. I couldn't celebrate the small victories, and I couldn't trust anyone. I was always making more work for myself and doing everything THE HARDWAY !!!! ... so this song is all about being honest with YOURSELF!"

Love it! Take a listen below:

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