New Video: Sevyn Streeter Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane in '4th Street'

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It's my kind of people. Living the life and still treat you like an equal...

Sevyn Streeter takes a break from club bangers like her Chris Brown-assisted "Don't Kill The Fun" to slow it down and bring us her latest, soulful single "4th Street."

In the new visual, for the soulful singer, Sevyn (real name Amber Denise) reminisces about her first time at the Apollo with host Steve Harvey, as she takes us back to her 'hood in Haines City, Florida. The laid-back, finger-snapping R&B track also features the Atlantic Records artist singing about "her kind of people" who keep it real and still treats her like Amber from around the way, before the fame.

The 28-year-old singer gets real nostalgic as she sings:

Woke up this morning three missed calls from my best friend

Don't want a thing from me just calling to check in

Just want to tell you that you're special

But you know it, yeah you know it

Walk to the corner store with a dollar in my hand

Got everything I need and gotta thank Ms. Pam

She said, 'You're such a diamond girl keep shining

Anything that you need, I'm here'

It's my kind of people

The ones who say 'Hey, hi, it's so nice to meet you'

The ones who don't need s--t they just want to see you

Living the life and still treat you like an equal

If you cool, we cool

Home sweet home! Nothing like taking it back to where you came from.

Check out the video below:

"4th Street" will be featured on Sevyn's upcoming 2015 release On The Verge!

Bonus! Check out lil' miss Sevyn when she was 10,  performing "My Funny Valentine" at the Apollo.  Looks like that's the same dress from the video too. Aww! You know this clip is vintage gold if Steve Harvey still had a hightop. Ha! Good times!

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