[New Video] Jazmine Sullivan Featuring Meek Mill - 'Dumb'

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Remember that show Cheaters where the host would spy on people's significant others and bring them along to some sleazy motel room or parking lot to expose their dirty, cheating boyfriend or girlfriend in the act? Well, instead of shooting a conventional kicking-my-man-to-the-curb video where she could have looked boss while throwing her man's stuff out of a window or perhaps even a moving car, Jazmine Sullivan takes the backseat in her new video in order to portray a funny series of relationship drama between puppets and humans on her own version of the show called Dumb.

As the show's host sneaks up on cheating husbands, Jazmine sings from a computer screen, and Meek Mill shows up to spit his verse. Things get weird at the end of the video, though, when Jazmine comes home to find her man in ...

Ah, Nevermind. No need to ruin it with a spoiler.

Just watch below:

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Are you feeling the new video?

Welcome back Jazmine!

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