New Video: Elijah Blake Details Childhood Trauma In 'Six: Fallen'

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Sing Elijah!

R&B newcomer Elijah Blake has penned records for the likes of Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Mary J. Blige and Usher ("Climax"), but now he's preparing to take a step into the spotlight with his debut album, Songs About Melody.

Earlier today, the Def Jam/Roc Nation signee released a very personal and emotionally charged track titled "Six: Fallen," which details his issues with his father and how they have had an effect on his relationships today.

He sings:

Six years old and I lied about my school grades.

I told my mama that my daddy already reprimanded me.

When my father found out, he beat me with a belt of leather.

Until my arms bled open and it caused my back to bleed.


Six years old and I'm staring at a movie screen.

In a dark sanctuary shaking, watching image of the beast.

Repeated nightmares, can't even sleep at 23.

Thanks a lot, dad. Now, I'm stuck with f-ckin' PTSD.

Now, my relationships suffer, and I can't lead a normal life.

But your philosophy is "Daddy said it's all right, just stare up to Christ."

So when I'm selfish and needy or acting like a spoiled brat.

Just try to function normally with a mother playing mom and dad.

This song and others from his previous mixtapes suggest that Elijah is one R&B singer who is willing to talk about deeper issues than what's popping in the club. He's definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

Watch the video below.

Last year, we also featured Elijah's "Looking For Perfect"  and "Everything" off of his Bijoux 22 mixtape

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