Mýa Reacts To Reports That She's Jay Z's Longtime Mistress

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Mýa is not a side chick.  At least not Jay Z's, she says.

Earlier this week, the popular site Crazy Days Crazy Nights blew the whistle after they posted a blind item reveal that claimed Mýa has been Jay Z's sidepiece and mistress for a long time.  It read:

When people talk about Jay-Z and his mistresses, they often forget about a mainstay who has been there forever. She is the person he calls when he needs to be discreet and thinking about old times. She is that very short named R&B singer who hasn't had a hit in awhile and doesn't really even act or record any longer. She basically lives off the generosity of Jay-Z and a couple of other guys. She peaked at A-.


We haven't really seen Mýa and Jay Z spotted in the same room, nor mentioned in the same

sentence since they released their 2000 hit "Best Of Me," so the allegations were a little shocking and left-field. Beyoncé threw fuel on the "mistress" fire over the weekend when she sang "Resentment" in concert, and she changed her lyrics to:

I know she was attractive but I was here first

Been ridin' with you for twelve years why did I deserve

To be treated this way by you

The original version says, "been ridin' with you for six years."

Beyoncé delivered one of her best vocal performances that night as she stood in her wedding dress and belted out the lyrics of the song which included:

You should have told me you weren't happy

I know you didn't want to hurt me

but look what you've done to me now

I gotta look in her eyes

and see she's had half of me

She ain't even half of me

that b-tch will never be

After it was reported that Mýa was the alleged mistress on entertainment sites like Daily Mail and even Access Hollywood, Mýa took to Instagram to clear her name.  A fan asked if it was true that she has been involved in an 11-year affair with Jay Z and she responded:

Never did, never was, never will. Illegitimate thirsty sources with no facts and that’s the “media” for you- especially today. I play second to no one, pay my own bills, have my own label, own management company, rely on God only and respect myself & marriage way too much for nonsense. False rumors are crafted for ratings & numbers. And miserable, unhappy people need someone to judge to deter the attention away from their own misery and feel better about their miserable lives. If they did it to Jesus, they’ll do it to anyone. God Bless.


Mya responds to rumors she's jay z mistress

Does anyone remember Blu Cantrell? She had one hit "Hit Em Up Style," and was linked to Jay years ago. She even emerged in 2012 to tweet a congratulatory message to Jay and Bey after their baby Blue was born:

blu cantrell tweets congrats to jay z

Maybe someone has their singers mixed up?

And maybe this is all not true at all and just a part of the storyline to add even more controversy to Jay and Bey's current tour, "On The Run."

P.S. Mýa was recently on Blogxilla's No Judgement Zone and she made it clear that she's not about that "main" or "sidechick" life:

And then you hear all kinds of new school lingo, like, ‘main,’ ‘side’ and ‘trophy’ or ‘wifey.’ I’m like, ‘What are those things?’ I don’t do ‘main,’ okay? I don’t do ‘number one’ ’cause that means there’s a ‘number two’ and ‘number three.’ I don’t like that kind of stuff. ‘Main,’ what does that mean? That means there are others. I don’t like those kind of words.


P.P.S. According to an interview with Trackmasters years ago, Jay and Mya wasn't on the best of terms during the making of 'Best Of Me.'

Steve Stoute was head of black music over at Interscope and at the time we were still his guys. He wanted a remix so we went in and knocked the remix out. I remember Mya couldn’t cut the vocals properly and it took forever. When it was done, we wanted Jay-Z on it. So Jay came to the studio that night at The Hit Factory. He got it right away he understood what it was but he didn’t like Mya’s vibe in the room. He looked at her like she was a spoiled brat because she was. He looked at her like, ‘I'm about to rap on your record, you're about to have a hit, and I don’t think you really appreciate it.’

So he didn’t do the record. She was like this new artist on Interscope, she didn’t even really understand what was going on. So he didn’t do the record when he got there. Once again, he gave a preview of what it was gonna sound like, but he didn’t do the record because he didn’t feel like it.

So he left and we had to tell Mya like, ‘Yo Mya, Jay wants to do the record but he feels like you’re not even giving him any love, like no thank you or none of that.’ But that’s just her personality. So we went to L.A. for some music awards were around that time and we had one more shot at getting Jay to come to the studio. And obviously Jay came in and Mya was more cordial towards Jay. He laid the rhyme down, Steve asked for a shoutout, and that’s basically it. That’s a good record and Jay-Z charged her through the nose for it.

Watch Beyoncé sing "Resentment" in Ohio

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