Mother Who Adopted Baby Left On A Doorstep Sends Her To College 18 Years Later

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Sarah and Janessa Gibbs 2

Sarah and Janessa Gibbs 3

What happened to a baby and a nurse 18 years ago is definite proof that "The Lord works in mysterious ways."

A nurse named Sarah Gibbs was working at a Mississippi hospital in 1996 when she was called in to work at a doctor's office right next door. That very same day, a baby girl was left at the office's doorstep. No way prepared to be a mother, Sarah made the difficult decision to adopt her now-daughter, Janessa and the rest is history.

"I was single. I worked night shift. I worked 12-hour-nights. There was nothing in my life that had prepared me for a baby," Sara said.

With help from her pastor and friends at the hospital, Sara received the courage to officially adopt Janessa.

"She always tells me that whoever my mother is did it for her," said Janessa.

"I feel like it was divine intervention, it had to be, because I wasn't even supposed to be there," Sara said.

Janessa also added:

She's the best mom ever. She's always been my mom.

Nothing short of a miracle.

Sarah never had any other kids and raised Janessa as if she were her own flesh and blood for 18 years. Now Janessa's off to college this fall.

Such a beautiful story!

Sarah and Janessa Gibbs

Watch the news story below:

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