9 Subscription Boxes Catering To WOC


Between landing your next big promotion and making sure your home is in order, in a world that moves to the speed of the next trending hashtag, it's almost impossible to get into a moment of self-care.

Let's be honest, we already know the importance of taking care of self, but as WOC in the millennial era, how often do we have the chance to search for trendy new gadgets for ourselves or the time to search for scrumptious new beauty products to indulge in? Yes, chile. We all know the struggle.

Thankfully, we are also in an era when practically anything can be sent to your front door. Even gifts for self! Here's your introduction to subscriptions boxes, which have taken over as a new way of enjoying life and gaining pleasure through the mail, monthly. And these are not just any kind of subscription boxes, but boxes made with your #blackgirlmagic in mind!

Whether you're looking for delicious new snacks to taste, or looking for inspirational items to add to your growing #melanin board, we've come across several unique boxes specifically for women of color.

Below are subscription boxes that once again made it fun to receive mail!

Black Butterfly Beautiful

Black Butterfly Beautiful

Created by a then 16-year-old, Journi D'Khaos Prewitt, the Memphis based entrepreneur recognized that there were not enough teens interested in the learning fundamentals of reading and history, so she decided to do something about it. She created the Black Butterfly Beautiful subscription boxes to add a little enjoyment and self-esteem to young women who could benefit from learning more about her history as an African-American woman and the excellence of our ancestors.

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