Mini Skirts Are All The Rage And This Is How You Rock Them


Look at that girl with that mini skirt onnnnnnn!

While we are sad to bid summer adieu, we are determined to rock this forever trend until the wheels fall off. Before you swap out the mini skirt for your stylish sweatpants, give this Clueless inspired trend a try. You must admit that this trend was all the craze in the 90's because we all wanted to be Dionne.

Like many staples, you have an array of ways to style the mini skirt. Best of all, the mini skirt will easily transition into fall. From runways to street style, there's a ton of inspiration all over the place. Just click through the gallery below!

Have you ever seen a skirt going apesh*t!? I love how Esther Lauren decided to pair her swimsuit top, that resembles a crop top, with her mixed print mini skirt.

Do you love a good mini skirt? How do you rock your mini?

Featured image by Hang It Up LA

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