15 Times Miguel & Nazanin Mandi Were Relationship Goals

Doing the work to grow up together has helped them glow up together.

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As a hopeless romantic, it doesn't take much for me to root silently (and publicly) for a couple, whether I know the full scope of their love story or not. My admiration for singer Miguel and Nazanin Mandi is no different. The couple is young love turned fully grown personified, they are supportive frequent collaborators, unafraid to walk on the wild side, and aesthetically-gifted. Fun fact, as the muse of his life, Miguel wrote "Sure Thing" and "Adorn" for Nazanin.

Coming up on their second-year wedding anniversary, and 15 years in a relationship altogether, Miguel and Nazanin are a testament to the peaks and valleys of love, and doing the work to grow together. Despite issues with infidelity and a subsequent one-year break, Miguel and Nazanin are proof that sometimes love isn't linear and you must break up in order to come back as something better. In a past conversation with Nazanin during her time as a co-host on the Ladies Like Us podcast, Miguel revealed:

"I loved her. I wasn't necessarily always in love with her at the time. And my actions showed that. Because I didn't really know, I was still discovering things for myself about me. And how to love myself and going through that, just transitioning from being a little more obscure and like all of my time and energy going into music. So a lot of the energy and time went to that and our relationship didn't get a lot of the nurturing that could have been shown to her that, that she deserved, that we deserve."

Mistakes are human and what's most important is learning from them and putting in the work to continuously be better for yourself and your partner. Therapy ultimately helped them level up their love and would be the catalyst to the change and understanding both parties needed. Communication is key but one that a lot of us can't master without the tools from a therapist which helped the couple get to a place where they recognized their love was one worth fighting for.

The pair have since married and officially tied the knot in November 2018 in an intimate ceremony that was captured beautifully by Vogue. In honor of Miguel and Nazanin's anniversary, here are 15 times the two were absolute relationship goals.

Scroll below for the timeline of their relationship.

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