Michael Ealy Surprises Keke Palmer On 'Just Keke' [+ 3 Things We Loved About Her New Show]

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Keke Palmer - Just Keke 2

Keke Palmer and Michael Ealy on Just Keke

Who isn't crushing on Michael Ealy and those beautiful blue eyes these days? My goodness!

Yesterday was monumental for actress Keke Palmer as she became the youngest person in history to have her own talk show. The new gig, titled 'Just Keke' was an instant hit among BET's young audience who have been looking for a show that covers topics that they relate to and identify with.

Keke kicked things off right away with a monologue explaining why she felt it was time to have her own show, before giving us a behind-the-scenes peek at her BET Awards show experience through personal footage. Throughout the show, there was also a discussion segment, a rap battle, a surprise facetime from Kevin Hart, and the biggest surprise of them all -- a visit from Michael Ealy.

While Keke was talking about how fine her #1 crush was, she revealed:

Michael Ealy is just so fine, I have to just take a nap on him! Whenever I see a picture of him, I just immediately knock because he's too fine!

And it really makes me sad because I did my first movie with him ever which was Barbershop 2 and I was nine so he'll never, ever see me the way that I want him to see me, y'all.

Her reaction when he appeared behind her with a bouquet of roses was priceless! After she gathered herself together, and told him that he may remember her as a little girl but she is now a grown woman, she said:

If anything ever happens in your marriage...you know who to call!

Too funny!

Watch a clip below:

Here's her reaction behind-the-scenes

A few behind-the-scenes snaps:

Keke Palmer on the set of JustKeke

Keke Palmer Just Keke 4

Keke Palmer on the set of Just Keke

Necole Bitchie visits Just Keke

I was there for the first show's taping! (in the audience of course!)

Here's a few things I love about Just Keke

1) The show is like a modern day Teen Summit with personality.  Back in the day, teens and young adults had the opportunity to voice their opinions on issues that they related to every Saturday on Teen Summit, however BET really hasn't had a great follow up to that show.  106 and Park over time began showing less videos so that they could incorporate discussions, however Just Keke really does a great job of being current, fun and entertaining.  It has all of the elements of some of the daytime talk shows we love to watch, while targeting an audience that is often neglected.

2) Keke Palmer is made for this

Keke is effortlessly funny!  During filming breaks, instead of ignoring the audience, she'd tell them funny stories or reveal things about her family. 'My mama used to always tell me....'  She made them feel at home and like they were her best friends.  That translated on stage when the cameras were rolling too.  She was full of energy, dancing, and barely showed signs of being nervous considering it was her first show.  She's also very articulate, as she voiced her opinions on the different topics, including her issue with Chris Brown's 'Loyal' which she said was pressuring girls to think that they have to be loyal to men that aren’t being loyal to them.

3)  It Gives Young Women someone to look up to

A lot of women in their late twenties and thirties, looked up to Oprah as inspiration (and still do), but if this show continues past it's test run, it will give young women someone to look up to. Every day, they will get to see a 20-year-old, positive role model, that looks like them, on television and be reminded that all of their dreams are attainable.

Kudos to BET!

If you saw the first show, what were your thoughts?


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