Michael Ealy Reveals He Served Diddy Food Before He Was Famous

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Lawd hammercy! That Michael Ealy is fine.

Earlier this week, Ellen DeGeneres gave us some afternoon eye candy when the handsome Michael Ealy stopped by her show and talked about what life was like before becoming a movie star.  While there, he revealed his original plans to study architecture, but once he realized he had to take a bunch of science courses, he decided to drop it for acting.  He also revealed that he waited tables while he was waiting for his acting career to take off and served some super famous guests, including Diddy.

He told Ellen:

I saw what you did for the waitress in Connecticut and I must say that really warmed my heart.  I waited tables. I did the textbook actor thing. I left college and I said, 'What should I do to make a living?,' and I saw people interviewed and they said they waited tables. That's what I did. I had no experience so I ended up waiting tables. It was a great experience because I actually learned so much about human behavior. The things that you can tell. Let's just say a couple on a first date, you can tell because the guy is extremely chivalrous. And after a few weeks, not so chivalrous. It was in New York City. It was a high-end Caribbean spot called Negril and a lot of celebrities came through there. I know who's a good tipper and a bad tipper.

Who's the best tipper?


What was the check and what did he leave?

I think the check was like, 40 bucks and he left me like, 100.

Peep the clip below:

You can see Michael Ealy on Valentine's Day as the star of a new movie "About Last Night," alongside Regina Hall, Joy Bryant and Kevin Hart. Watch the trailer below:

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