Memphitz Talks Choosing His Wife Over His Career and The Backlash from Suing K. Michelle

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They say there really are always at least three sides to every story. His side, hers, and the truth.

Now it's Memphitz Wright's time to tell his side.

Just days after Toya did a candid exclusive with us discussing the current status of her marriage to the ex music exec, even revealing that he solely blames her for being blackballed in the industry, it appears Memphitz couldn't help but speak his piece- confirming almost everything Toya said in her interview.

During the 10-minute chat with Sister 2 Sister's Jamie Foster Brown, Memphitz blames the couple broadcasting their marriage on reality TV as one of the things that helped put a strain on the relationship and his career, as well as how the aftermath of suing K. Michelle and VH1/Viacom somehow blackballed him because he was suing the very people who once employed him.

Catch the highlights below:

On the separation:

I love my wife, nothing has changed as far as the love. There's no love deficiency going on. It's just the fact that I'm starting to love myself a little bit more. When I say that, I don't think people know I gave up a lot for my wife, a lot of my life for my wife.

When I met my wife, we were friends first and we fell in love. But at the same time, when it started to get a little serious and we were talking about getting married, I had already told her I was never getting married. I've seen people married and I just didn't like what I was seeing. I came up with both my parents and they were having a rough time. And I would just see what type of things would be going on, so I had always been scarred from marriage. I told her I would never do that, and she said, 'Okay.' Then all of a sudden, my feelings started to change. When you love someone and you see they're doing their own thing, and it's like,'I think I need to take it to another level if I want to keep her around and for her to solely belong to me and be mine.' Yes, I asked her to marry me and I'm still happy about that choice when I asked her to marry me, she said yes and we got married.

On where things went wrong:

I think the fact that we got married on television, I think that's when everything kinda like--I wasn't expecting what came with that. And even though I knew what came with marrying my wife, her history and who she was already married to [Lil Wayne], people told me, 'No! It's a million girls, why would you wanna marry that one?' And I was like this the one I love.

When we got married, a lot of stuff came with that. The public hate that I was receiving which I'm cool with because I don't care what people say too much. The public hate like, 'Oh! He's not Wayne! He doesn't make money like Wayne!' I don't really care about that. Even my kids' moms used to live in Atlanta and all of a sudden they broke off and left when I got married. Everybody was trying to make it hard for me. Even the K. Michelle thing. Yes, I used to date her, but when word got out we were taking to a marriage level, what happens is... leading up to the separation...it was just over-time.

On declining to appear on Love & Hip Hop to defend himself against K. Michelle's allegations:

Mona Scott-Young called me and told me I should come on [Love & Hip Hop] to defend myself. And even though I had warned Mona already that this stuff never happened, they let her do it. Even though they didn't say my name, they lead people to me with the description. So Mona called me and said I should come on the show and defend myself. I said, 'Okay! I'm coming!'

So we're in Vegas and I tell my wife I just got a call from Mona and she's telling me I can come defend myself on that show. And [Toya] is like, 'You're not going to that show and defend yourself. You about to go on that show and argue with your ex-girlfriend over some petty sh-t and embarrass me? That's disrespect to me.' She was adamant about no so I kinda got an ultimatum after a couple of days of Mona waiting on an answer. My wife was kinda like, 'If you go on that show, you might as well say it's over with because I'm not dealing with that kind of disrespect.'

So I took a few days and thought about it and I was mad. So she says, 'You need to do the right thing and sue.' I told her I'm not gonna go on the show and I call Mona and told Mona I can't come on the show because that'll be disrespectful to my wife. Mona's like why don't we both go on the show and be cast members. But my wife was like, 'No! I ain't with it. That ain't my brand. I ain't trying to be on no ratchet show.'

So I called Mona and told her we not doing that, she's not with it, I can't come. And Mona calls me one last time for the reunion show and I said she ain't with it. I asked my wife again and said, 'Why you asking me about that again? We talked about that. Leave it alone. Do it the right way and call some attorneys and sue.' So that's what I did. I called some attorneys and I sued everybody. But at the time, I realize what I had just done.

Catch what Memphitz had to say about the aftermath of him suing Viacom, him feeling like he had to choose his wife or his career and his recent Instagram posts on Page 2

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