Meet Every Single Black Model At The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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This time last year, I was folding panties and arranging them by color code at my part-time gig at the mall. Although it was a mundane task for me, at the time I failed to see the necessity in my job. Victoria's Secret, a company originally created by a man who wanted to buy lingerie for his wife without looking like a creep, has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon.

Although VS still has a long way to go when it comes to inclusion, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is a gig that is highly coveted among high-fashion models, and over the past few years, the company has been dedicated to becoming more diverse in their casting. This year, the show featured 18 black models, who unlike me, take their jobs at VS very seriously. They worked hard to offer us the representation and black girl magic that we deserve to see on the VS runway, and we have the details on each and every one of these ladies! Click through the gallery below to get to know these melanated supermodels:

Duckie Thot 

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Duckie was one of 7 siblings raised in Melbourne, Australia as South Sudanese refugees. We met her on the 8th cycle of Australia's Next Top Model, but now she's done campaigns for Fenty, Moschino, Balmain, and Oscar de la Renta.

Hometown: Australia

Instagram: @duckieofficial

What She Said: "The industry has definitely made strides in terms of representation recently. And I'm so glad to be a part of this change. Have we made enough progress? Not necessarily. We can still do more and I'm certainly up to the task of creating more opportunities for those who have been underrepresented. Diversity is important because beauty and fashion are such integral parts of culture, and the runway should represent what's actually happening in the world."

"Setting an inclusive standard helps younger girls realize their own potential and visualize themselves in similar spaces. Seeing models of colour in previous shows had a similar effect on me. I want to do the same for other young women." - Vogue

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