Meek Mill's Monstrous Ring To Nicki Minaj Didn't Come With A Marriage Proposal

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A gigantic, diamond ring may say "I Love You," but in Meek Mill's case, it definitely doesn't say "Will You Marry Me?"

The Dreamchaser is finally speaking out about that yellow, heart-shaped diamond ring he gave Nicki Minaj that was estimated at a cool half a million dollars. Back in April, Nicki damn near broke the Internet when she went on Instagram and flexed her new blingtastic gift for her fans to see. The move prompted Drake to congratulate Nicki during a concert and left many wondering if Meek popped the big question to the rap diva.

In short, nope!

Speaking with Fader about his relationship with Nicki, Meek admits that while their relationship is genuine, it's way too early for all that wedding talk.

It’s definitely real, but it ain’t really time to get married yet. We’re still learning each other, feeling each other out.


Despite his answer though, T.I. seems pretty convinced the two are engaged. Tip and Meek bumped into each other the same month the Philly rapper surprised Nicki with the yellow rock.

Fader reports:

Like most people Meek has crossed paths with lately, T.I. excitedly congratulates him on his engagement. “I ain’t engaged,” Meek says sheepishly, but T.I. isn’t having any of it. “You never asked her, ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ But she is your girlfriend,” he says. “You may not have asked her, ‘Will you marry me?’ But you are engaged.” Meek shrugs, unable to argue with this logic. “I’ve said my part,” T.I. says, backing away with his hands up. “As long as you know what’s going on.”

Leave it to T.I. to try to make some sense out of things. Men don't usually go around giving women rings of that quality and price without a commitment of sorts. But then again, Floyd Mayweather did cop that exact same ring for his ride-or-die chick, Bad Medina. Maybe there are levels to this when you're rich and not a 99 percenter.

Nicki Minaj Ring from Meek Mill

Either way, it's great to see these two still going strong! Most recently the rapping duo went to Hawaii to celebrate Meek's 28th birthday. Catch the flicks on page two.

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