Meek Mill And His Baby Mama Get Into It After She 'Likes' Safaree's Pics On Instagram

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Instagram may need to start blocking users from seeing who's following who and liking what, because the double tap is causing all types of drama in relationships, and amongst exes.

The last time we heard from Meek Mill's baby mother, Fahimah Raheem, she was telling us she decided to break up with Meek because his side chicks were getting the same treatment as her.  She also dished out advice to women being cheated on, and now she's popping up again thanks to her famous baby daddy.

Last night,  however, Meek and Fahimah had it out on Instagram when the Philly rapper, who's now dating Nicki Minaj, accused Fahimah of being shady because she "liked" a bunch of photos that Nicki's ex Safaree had posted.

Meek posted a photo of her "likes," which included photos of Safaree and captioned it:

Follow my bm she b wildin!  why you getting in this baby

And of course Fahimah was wondering the same thing we wondered.  Why the hell are you checking who your ex is following and whose photos she's liking on Instagram when you are in a happy relationship with someone else???

Fahimah clapped back:

Not sure if my sons dad is happy he with the baddest b-ich in the game or if he still worried about little ol me [red face emoji]

She continued on by revealing that people send her tons of photos of Meek and Nicki Minaj, and blasted him for dissing her on the 'Gram.

Now u want my attention u f-ckin got it! For the last few weeks I had to wake in the middle of the night to ppl sending me a million pics of u and her and u look quite happy might I add. Now I'm waking up to messages from pics your posting about what I'm doing on Ig [red face] I'm pretty sure this man (sb) doesn't even know I exist! Also, if I follow somebody on Ig that's what happens, I like their pictures. I guess the person failed to mention all those pics were posted back to back and his pics weren't the only ones being liked. I was scrolling down my feed and liking everybody pics as I do when I'm on Ig! It's so sad and f-cked up Bcuz I stay in my lane and does me! INstagram only knows about me Bcuz my nut ass baby dad dissed me on here years ago! Now u doing the same shit! This time u got what u wanted!!! My response!!! F-ck outta here please.... U claim u happy, then why u so mad at me!!!!

Well, she got him there!

Meek's looking pressed if anything. At the end of the day, she's the one who ended things when he was already a rap star with enough coins to make another chick stay around. It's doubtful she's trying to get him jealous in an effort to win him back. She already said she wasn't about that the #1 and #2 life and walked away with her self respect. In an Instagram post she shared a few years ago, she wrote:

I walked away from a rich n---a bcuz I wasn't satisfied with being #1. Cuz the side chicks and groupies was getting the same treatment as me! Everybody called me dumb and stupid for leaving even my friends and family but a year later I'm happy as ever and I got my self respect from HIM! But most ppl will stay and fake happiness bcuz they think they #1. #YeahIJusGaveYallALilBit lol

Read her full post here: Meek Mill's Ex Sends A Message To Women Who Deserve Better

Meek Mill and his baby's mother battle on Instagram (2)


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