Your Monthly Horoscopes: May 2018


May is the month of major change as the heavens shuffle around above our heads.

We open the month after a Scorpio Full Moon enlightened us as to what needs to be discarded from our lives to make space for new growth and opportunities. We get to enjoy a relative calm for the first two weeks of the month before the New Moon in Taurus on the 15th ushers in new intentions about our values and sense of self-worth and is joined by Uranus entering Taurus for the first time in 84 years. Uranus in this sign is all about revolutionizing our values, resources, possessions, our personal sense of self worth, and even the Earth itself.

When major planetary shifts like this occur, it's wise to look back in history for reference for what may repeat itself for our benefit.

Somewhere in your life there'll be a desire to make sudden changes and to act on impulse. Know that this is a test run as both Mars and Uranus will retrograde later in the year to review what you did with their energy the first time around: in other words, the changes you make now, will most likely change again later. Mercury in Taurus from May 13th til the 29th will slow our minds down just enough to choose actions that feel right to us. Venus moves into Cancer on May 19th to make love a nurturing affair in the middle of the chaos so say yes to the home-cooked meals and invitations to reminisce about happy memories with music, family, and laughter. The pace only speeds up once the Sun moves from steady Taurus and into quick-minded Gemini on the 21st, followed by an expansive Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 29th. It's a literal whirlwind out there, hold on tight!

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May begins with much of your focus on what's still of value to youl, Aries. Uranus is moving on to revolutionize your priorities so that they match up with the person you've become over the last seven years. You have a better command of who you are and what you're capable of, but now the work revolves around making your external life match up to your goals. The tension that's been building up around your career is still percolating at the beginning of the month as you ask whether the goals and reputation you've been building are still in alignment with you and your values. If the slipper no longer fits, it may be time to look toward finding positions that sync up with who you are. Love is centered around catching up with close friends and siblings and keeping this close to home for the moment. Venus is expressing her enjoyment for gossipy conversations and kicking your feet up at home while watching nostalgic films with those closest to you. You just have to make the time for connecting with others. After so much energy being spent on career and striving towards success, your health would also benefit from a period of focusing on yourself and slowing down long enough to enjoy the beauty around you. What's important to you is changing fast Aries, give yourself a moment to process what's happening within you before acting on impulse. Don't worry, when the time to jump appears, you'll know exactly when to do it.

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