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Long gone are the days when celebrities and supermodels were the gateways to the beauty industry due to their millions of fans and far-reaching influence. Today, beauty bloggers/influencers are consistently proving just how important a product endorsement from them means to the sales of practically every beauty brand in the industry—from mainstream to indie.

If you are among the beauty-obsessed, you're likely very familiar with just how much of a fan-frenzy a beauty blogger and makeup brand collaboration can create. Most of these collabs and special edition collections sell out within days, hours, and minutes. One of the best things about these modern makeup collections is that they offer WOC an opportunity to represent for minority women who might have felt neglected and underrepresented in the past.

One of the most popular black beauty bloggers is the hugely popular and highly-followed Shayla Mitchell aka MakeupShayla.

She has amassed millions of fans who turn to her for product reviews, makeup tutorials, OOTDs, fitness inspo, and the ins and outs of her fabulous life. Last fall, Shayla had a collaboration with Maybelline, which included an eyeshadow palette and mascara among other things, but her new collaboration with affordable fan-favorite ColourPop is the collection we've all been waiting for.

The Shayla x ColourPop collection dropped April 27 and it is everything! It includes the Perception palette with an impressive 16 eyeshadows, three full-size lipsticks, two loose pigment highlighters, and a glitter lip gloss. The price point is absolutely stellar with the palette retailing for $23, lipsticks at $7, highlighters at $7 and the lip gloss at $6.

In a recent interview with Allure to promote the collection, Shayla discussed exactly what inspired her to create the palette and why she chose the concept of perception as it relates to makeup.

"I love the idea of having splatter because when people look at paint, even just a canvas of paint splatter, everyone sees something different and we can all relate to it. So, I decided to name the eyeshadow palette 'Perception' because when you look at paint, everyone perceives it a little different and we can all relate to that. I also want people to know that this palette is for everyone. When I created it, I didn't just create it for my skin tone, I created it for all skin tones. It was really important for this collection to be inclusive."

Shayla also explained in the interview why, despite the love of neutrals from the overwhelming majority, she wanted her palette to have just as many colorful shades as everyday neutral tones. Her goal is for the palette to be all-purpose, something that you can use to create a variety of looks from understated to bold. She stated:

"The Perception Palette actually has natural everyday colors and colorful ones because there are sixteen shades so it has a little bit of everything. I wanted the palette to have all the shades that I actually love to wear. I think that having a brown monochromatic look is trending and popular and there are so many options so that wouldn't have set my palette apart from everyone else's, you know? So, I stayed true to what I love. That's why you have the rose gold, the coppers, and then you have those bright colors. I think it's the perfect palette [and] I wanted it to be a palette that you could travel with and only bring that one, and not have to take anything else."

Shayla was also very hands on with her ColourPop collab. She didn't just slap her name on the products and choose some colors, she actually helped create every part of it. While she admitted that choosing a favorite from the line is "like choosing a favorite child," she did say which product she had the most fun creating:

"Well, the gloss was interesting. That was fun to create because I wanted a sparkly, sheer topper. I've never, ever created a gloss. 'Neat Freak' is the name [and] it's a really pretty shade that goes on top of any lipstick, or you can wear it by itself. I had a lot of fun doing everything, though."

As expected, the Shayla x ColourPop collection has already sold out… But don't worry because they are planning a restock ASAP!

In the meantime, if you weren't quick enough to get your hands on some of the goodies, simply head to the ColourPop website and sign up to be notified when it's back in stock.

Congrats Shayla on your new makeup collab and for representing for all the beautiful WOC!

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