Sevyn Streeter Bans Video 2

Sevyn Streeter Bans Video 3

Sevyn Streeter Bans Video

After releasing the "nEXt" video from her Call Me Crazy, But... EP, Sevyn Streeter is back at with a brand new video for "B.A.N.S." And as always, Mack Wilds is back again as Sevyn's boyfriend in the video.

This time around, the relationship is on a downward spiral as Mack leaves the singer heartbroken when he reveals that he not only has been creeping behind her back, but that he also knocked up the other woman. An emotional Sevyn gets some support from her girlfriend, played by radio personality Angela Yee, as she sings of men who stay doing wrong.

I should’ve used protection

Instead of moving so fast

But I’m a sucker for affection

Shoulda never showed you that

And now I got myself to blame

Why did I let you come in?

I shouldn’t gave my heart away

But I trusted you with it

N-ggas be on that bullsh-t

Having us looking foolish

Can't keep lettin' 'em do this

B-tch a$$ n-ggas

One minute call us baby

Next minute call us crazy

N-ggas be on that bullsh-t

B-tch a$$ n-ggas


Peep it below:

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