Yes, We Are Here For Lil Mama's New 'Sausage' Video

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Lil Mama Sausage Video

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We wasn't invited, but we all in!

This is how you pay proper homage to Hip Hop --old and new!

Five years after putting just a small dent in her rap career after crashing the stage at the VMA's, Lil Mama has found her second wind!

The self-proclaimed "Voice of the Young People" became a Twitter trending topic last night after the release of her new video, "Sausage." And for good reason. Calling out her inner Missy Elliot, the 25-year-old rapper gave fans a flashback to when artists used to have fun with their videos and choreography was more than a few struggle twerks and "throwing that a-- in a circle."

"Sausage" is Lil Mama's full-song rendition of the viral hit, but she puts her own spin by throwing in a safe sex message while also talking her stuff and paying homage to old skool greats, Slick Rick, Method Man, Doug E. Fresh, Mary J. Blige, Vicious and others. New school acts such as Big Sean and Fetty Wap are also thrown in to create a nice little fusion of back then-meets-right now.

For a song born out of an Internet hit, "Sausage" is also rife with pop culture references from Internet sensation A-Town ("The Birds Are Chirping") to a new buzzing dance called the Milly Rock.

Catch the video below:

Or click here to watch it on Youtube!

Thanks for that dose of Nostalgia!

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