Lil' Kim Comes For Nicki Minaj With New Song 'Identity Theft'

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"I gave birth to your style. Watch how you speak to ya mammy"

Lil' Kim is not letting the #GiveUpLilKim memes get to her.

Just a couple days after releasing a "Flawless" remix of her own, Kim is back to further let the world know exactly what she thinks of Nicki Minaj on a new track called "Identity Theft."

Without naming names, Kim explains that she may have to go back to her old ways of pulling chicks out of whips and toting guns because she's fed up with her impersonator(s).

"You swagger jackers give the game a bad look.

Pop shit on Twitter and apologize on Facebook.

And now they want to send me requests

tellin' me that I'm simply the best.

I won't stop til I see my enemies rest.

They'll probably get locked up for identity theft.

I ain't got time for bum b-tches.

The gun kitted. I come with it.

Anything you trying to do, I done did it.

I let you live for a while.

But I ain't done with the crown.

The Queen is back. B-tches, come get it.

After I drop these flowers for Big off,

Imma come and blow ya lid off like Adolf.

This comes ahead of the release of her Hardcore mixtape.

Listen below.

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