LeToya Luckett Has A Message About Love Following Her Divorce
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LeToya Luckett Has A Message About Love Following Her Divorce

Wait for no one.

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It's been nine months since LeToya Luckett announced her divorce from Tommicus Walker. Fans of the "Torn" singer watched her and Tommicus' marriage play out on T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle as they tackled a lot of hardships as well as cheating allegations. While LeToya has been kind of mum following their split, the singer, who shares two children with her ex-husband, recently took to Instagram Live to talk about love and relationships.

While the 40-year-old didn't share whether or not she was speaking from experience, she did share her thoughts on why she believes some relationships fail.

"I think we're always on the quest for the things that we desire that we miss what we have. Don't take those things for granted because what will happen is you'll get a peek of what you want out of someone. They'll check maybe like 3 out of the 10 boxes that you got and then, what happens after that?
"Most of the time you rush into something and end up in a miserable situation that you're now like, 'OK, how do I get out of this?' All because you wanted a little bit of love and for somebody to be there."

The Greenleaf actress also suggested that people should stop waiting on finding "the one" before going after their dreams and the things you want in life. This time using herself as an example, she said:

"I always wanted to go to Greece and so I said, 'Oh I'm going to wait until I'm married and go to Greece. And there was a bag I always wanted, 'Oh I'm going to wait until I'm married and then maybe my husband will buy me that bag.' Now granted, I had the money to buy it myself. I used to want a Cartier Love bracelet so bad and I was like, 'Now I'm going to wait until I get married and I'm going to tell my husband I want it for my anniversary.'
"Aht, aht! No. Do those things that you always wanted to do when you want to do them and on your own time."

Speak, sis!

It looks like LeToya has learned a lot from her past relationships and is focused on getting back to her happy. She's been posting adorable family photos on Instagram as well as documenting her weight loss journey. She also announced that she landed a new role on Power Book III: Raising Kanan.

Prior to Tommicus, the former Destiny's Child member was also briefly married to author Rob Hill Sr. and dated rapper Slim Thug.

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