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Miss Sophia Burset has made history y'all!

This morning, the Emmy nods were announced and and Laverne Cox made history as the first transgender actress to snag a nomination for her role in "Orange Is the New Black." The show garnered 12 nominations in total, but it was Laverne's recognition for "Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series" (although her role is more than just a guest...she's pretty much a supporting character) that is a huge milestone in the LGBT community and beyond.

This has been an incredible year for Laverne who covered Time magazine and had a chance to meet the president.  She told USAToday that her entire life has just been so surreal:

"Apparently I'm the first openly transgendered actress to be honored for an Emmy.[...]I got to meet the president, I have an Emmy nomination and I can afford to redecorate my apartment. I have

a publicist who connected this call. Everything is different. My whole life has changed. People recognize me wherever I go. Nothing is the same it was last year."

I think this nomination happened because of Jodie [Foster who directed her "OITNB" flashback coming out scene], honestly." That was a dream come true for me, as an actor. Who didn't grow up watching Jodie Foster movies? I would rewind tapes to see what she did. This performance in Episode 3 happened because of her.

On what she'll wear Emmy night

"Oh my God, I don't know!" she exclaims. "I know I need to go to the gym! I hope someone wants to dress me, maybe."

She also caught up with Variety and said she's on cloud nine about the nomination and called up her twin brother (who played Sophia as a man in "OITNB") to share the huge news.

"I feel like the happiest girl in the world. I feel amazing, effervescent happy cloud nine through the moon; every cliche, hyperbolic saying for feeling really great."

laverne cox brother lamar

On her twin brother

"He's really happy. He wasn't shocked, he's been on the journey with me. I've known him longer than anyone else because we shared a room ... for many years when I was struggling as an actor and playing sex worker after sex worker after sex worker ... he said you can act."

Laverne does recognize that she is only a piece of the transgendered community, but she's glad that more trans people are finding their voices as the show has been spotlighted.

"The irony is I don't represent the entire trans community and there's so many other stories that are out there. I'm just on a widely popular show right now ... it's not about me, it's multiplying the voices that are out there that are trans. There's just so many amazing trans people out there whom I share this with today."


laverne-cox-orange-is-the-new-black-emmy-nominationOther notables on the list this year include Don Cheadle, Kerry Washington, Angela Bassett, and Idris Elba.  See the full list of nominees here!

Via USAToday, Buzzfeed

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