This Is How Lauryn Hill Celebrated Her 40th Birthday

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Lauryn Hill 40th Birthday party

Lauryn Hill 40th birthday 2

Lauryn Hill 40th birthday

Happy Birthday, Lauryn!

As if some of us didn't already feel old seeing her son Zion's prom pics, here comes Lauryn Hill with the follow-up reminder!

This week saw L. Boogie celebrate her 40th birthday at a festive party in her home state of New Jersey. The legendary artist was surrounded by nothing but love as friends and family cheered and shared their appreciation for the icon.

Held at The Ballroom in West Orange, Lauryn couldn't stop the reservoir of tears from flowing as she took in the room's electric vibes. Singer Steve Lovell serenaded her with a rendition of fan favorite, "Ex-Factor," before everyone sang Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday" to a crying Lauryn.

Daughter Selah took the love online also, shouting out her famous mom with an Instagram caption that read:

HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY TO THIS DIVINE WOMAN!!!!!!!! Thank you for being my giver of life & I love you endlessly!!!!

Lauryn Hill 40th Birthday party 2 Selah Marley and Zion Marley at Lauryn Hill's 40th birthday party

The birthday gal also did her own performing, sounding as good as ever as she performed "Lost Ones" for partyers, including an amped up AJ Calloway.  AJ went to middle and high school with Lauryn who eventually became her class president.  Man, how time flies!

Catch the video and photos below:

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