Late-Rapper Chinx's Wife Attends His Girlfriend's Baby Shower

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Late-Rapper Lionel Chinx Pickens Girlfriend Patrica has a Baby Shower and Wife Janelli Shows Support  Late-Rapper Lionel Chinx Pickens Girlfriend Patrica has a Baby Shower for Son Liam 2

Time heals all.

That, or babies truly do make the difference.

Over the weekend, Janelli Pickens, wife to slain-rapper Lionel "Chinx' Pickens, appeared to have extended an olive branch of forgiveness and was spotted showing her love and support to her late-husand's pregnant girlfriend, Patricija Muratovi, at her baby shower. The 24-year-old model is currently expecting a son from the late-rapper, whom she has already named 'Liam.' This would have been the rapper's second son- his first son and two daughters (all from Janelli) were also in attendance at Patricija's shower showing their support and love.

Patricija and Janelli with Chinx daughters (11 + 14) and 5 Year Old Son Patricija and Janelli with Chinx daughters (11 + 14) and 5 Year Old Son

Janelli took to Instagram to upload a family pic of the blended group, with the following words to media, fans and spectators alike:

What the world thought was breaking news or drama we already knew months ago and me you and him [Chinx] were handling it privately and respectfully. I thank you for being classy, respectful and making this journey as easy as it can possibly be. The long convos, the lunch n dinner dates have helped me and I will forever be here for you and Liam!! We had it figured out before we lost an angel and we will continue to hold it down as we gain another one #welcomebabyLiam P.S. Your friends and family are awesome and I had a great tim!! [kisses, hearts and crown emoji] #TrishBabyShowe #WeDoItForTheKids #RunNTellThat #Chinx #HisLegacy #Queens

Late-Rapper Lionel Chinx Pickens Girlfriend Patrica has a Baby Shower and Wife Janelli attends

That's admirable to say the least. Patricija also did an interview a few weeks prior the shower, speaking on her relationship with "Lionel," and how she was not by any means the 'other woman.'

I understand how it seems, because of the timing in how people learned about me and Chinx and our relationship. But please remember that the way people are hearing about this all now, is not how life happens. I met and loved Chinx and was with him without ever knowing about any other women in his life. Chinx and I separated. During our separation I spoke many times with Janelli and I’ve come to know her to be an amazing woman.

I loved Lionel. I would much rather that all of this be over. I’m still dealing with the fact that he’s gone. I don’t know how to deal with the rest of it. It doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks of me or what I had or didn’t have with Chinx. What matters is that the focus be on the future. On remembering who Chinx was as an artist, as a father, as a man. I will find my peace at the end of this, I know. I pray all who knew and loved Chinx do as well.”

Lionel Chinx Pickens with Girlfriend Patricia 2 IG


Lionel Chinx Pickens Girlfriend Patrica Shows Sonogram of Baby Son Liam


Lionel Chinx Pickens and Girlfriend Patricija's Tattoo Lionel Chinx Pickens and Girlfriend Patricija's Matching Tattoos Via Her Facebook


This definitely sounds like a situation where both women had no idea about the other, but once they did, decided to handle the situation like adults. It was even said that Janelli RSVP'd to Patricija's shower prior to her husband's passing.

Of course, once flicks of Janelli spotted over at the her late-husband Chinx's girlfriend's baby shower hit the web, fans were somewhat surprised. Not just because of the obvious courage it took Janelli to put her pride aside to support her man's other child and woman after his death, but also because of all the drama that went down surrounding Chinx and Khloe Kardashian's best friend Malika Haqq's relationship. When news broke of the rapper's murder, Malika placed an intimate photo up in tribute to him, which sparked the families of Janelli and Chinx to react, as well as Janelli putting out a PSA addressed to all the women who found their way in bed with her man:

I’m gonna address this one time and time only cause I’m sooo tired of the comments and the post and the bs!!! I DO NOT CARE ABOUT MALIKA, ERICA MENA OR ANYYYY OTHER CHICK THAT HAD ANY INVOLVEMENT WITH MY HUSBAND!!!!! What’s known n understood does not need to be explained!!!! I am mourning the loss of my husband, trying to find his killer, preparing my kids for the worst and planning a fckn funeral I’m not worried bout the stupid sh*t!!

At the end of the day, all those woman will move on n forget him by next week me and my children will be affected by this for the rest of our lives!! As a mother, I’m focusing on raising 3 kids alone that’s all!!! These woman didn’t have no relevance before and they won’t have it now!!! I did everything for that man. We weren’t separated we went thru sh*t like ever other couple who cares!

In this case, communication definitely makes all the difference. Not to mention, with Malika, the couple's families- including Chinx's sister, did suspect and call Malika out for "playing the role" of Chinx girlfriend strictly for TV, and for her upcoming reality show, 'Dash Dolls.' So that could definitely be another factor.

There is a lot to learn about forgiveness from all of this. Yes, it appears that Chinx had more than a handful of women and if he were still alive, he'd probably face the same amount of slander as any other man who appears to play the role of "playa," manipulator, etc. However, at the end of the day, there are victims in this situation too. And with Chinx gone, the women can only get but so many answers from him now.

At the very least, they are getting along for the sake of the kids!

Check out plenty of more pics of the blended bunch from the shower on page 2.

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