[Video] Lamar Odom Drunk, Shirtless And Rapping About Cheating

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Someone is out to get Lamar Odom, and they are definitely doing a good job of making him look cray cray!

Just when it seemed as though he was getting himself together, after being plagued by rumors of drugs and cheating, TMZ has released footage that may damage the public's perception of "LAM" even more.  In the grainy video, Lamar appears shirtless and stoned as he and his friend Jamie rap about getting money, bishes, and of course, their haters. He also manages to slur something about cheating on Khloé:

I keep the grass cut so I'll always see the snakes, and this boy here, I got good taste

I'm telling you sh-t was meant, that's why your boy got his own fragrance

They lowkey hating, I'mma keep making

And when Khloé's out of town, I guess I'll still be on the DL...

[Jamie chimes in "Ask any of these shorties. We ran through their cribs..."]

You take us to the jungle and we A-OK. All I do is p-rrr and the pain goes away…

In some place where they hate blacks.

That’s why I stay in the room, smoke a little trigs and watch the town run black.

This just may be the straw that breaks the camel's back for Khloé, who is currently on a promo tour in South Africa. The video also may kill Lamar's chances of getting picked up by an NBA team.

He's currently in Rhode Island training and is said to be very close to signing with the LA Clippers again.

Watch the embarrassing footage below:

Did Lamar's friend sell him out? How did TMZ obtain the personal video?

Kris Jenner is somewhere telling Khloé to cut her losses. This doesn't look good for the brand.

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