#LaborGoals: Woman Does The Whip And Nae Nae During Labor

This woman dancing through her labor pains may make you smile!

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Labor and contractions are no joke!

So when I saw this Atlanta mom doing the "Whip/Nae Nae" dance between contractions, I smiled at how she was able to make it an enjoyable experience.

According to the midwife, she went to check on her patient to see how she was doing in between contractions, and this happened:

I went looking for my patient to see how she was doing with her squatting. This is what I found in between contractions. Get that baby down mommy!

Several hours later, mom delivered a healthy nine-pound, six-and-a-half ounce baby girl, according to Yahoo! News.

Some moms say that dancing helps to ease pain associated with contractions. It must be true because back in August, a Boston-area mom did the "Tootsie Roll" to ease her labor pains. The viral video garnered the new family more than 7 million views.

I wish I had this experience, but my doctor gave me the drugs early, so I didn't have time to dance when I had my little peanut. Thank you Dr. Stahl!

Did you find yourself dancing, squatting, or cleaning your house to help induce labor?

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