Know Your Worth: When Is It Time To Walk Away?

Workin' Girl

Ah, the strength to walk away. It's a lot easier said than done, but some situations make it a lot easier than it could be.

Whether it's a job or a relationship, walking away from a place you've already succumbed to as your comfort zone is tough, no matter how obvious it is that it's time. But once you realize there's better out there for you, and you recognize how hard it is to ignore that, it makes the decision not only easier but achievable.

If you're finding yourself asking if it's time to walk away, consider the following questions for further insight on when it's truly time to walk away:

Is There Ongoing Abuse/Infidelity & Drama?

This one kind of goes without saying. If you're literally being mistreated, whether it's physically, mentally, emotionally, verbally, etc., then you're worth much more than that. No one deserves a relationship where they're beat down, cheated on with no remorse (or even if there is remorse, no signs of change), and where they don't feel valued. Of course, we all know not to look at our relationships for value (working and personal), but they should at least lift us up and make us feel good about ourselves.

No matter what you think, that's definitely not too much to ask.

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