Kim Kardashian Steps Out With Nori: Talks Tanning, Losing Weight & Baby #2

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Kim Kardashian and North West arriving at LAX (2)

North West is out for our hearts. How cute is she?

Yesterday afternoon, Kim Kardashian, sporting a serious tan, was spotted at Burbank airport as she prepared to jet out of LA with baby Nori. And it looks as though she's already ready to add a second baby to the mix.

This week, during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kim revealed that she would very much like to be pregnant again, so that she and her sister Kourtney can be pregnant at the same time. She also revealed that she loves tanning and she's not yet satisfied with her post-baby body just yet. She's still working on losing a few more pounds because pregnancy left her hips and butt looking out of control.

Catch the highlights:

On tanning:

I'm big on tanning. I think tanning makes you feel better about yourself. You look healthy when you're tanned. You look skinnier when you're tanned. So I love always being in the sun. And what I always do before I go in the sun when I go on vacation is that I never go on vacation to get a tan. I always tan the night before I go. Most people go on vacation to work on a tan, but I always get a tan before I go because I always want to look good in a bikini while I'm there.

On having another baby:

I'm hoping [baby number two is on the horizon]. I kinda wish I would be pregnant at the same Kourtney is. She's like more than halfway in, so ya know, we're trying. It would be fun [to be pregnant together again]. There's a lot of craziness in the house, so why not add pregnancy hormones to the craziness? It would be fun. It would be like a partner in crime -- someone to know those cravings that you're really going through.

On losing more weight:

I think I'm hard on myself 'cause sometimes on Instagram, you can look at photos that people post of you and it'll be all these photos of me from a couple of years ago and the scale says I'm like 15-20 pounds thinner a couple of years ago. And sometimes it just messes with you because your body changes after you have a baby. So I always say I thought my butt and my hips was big to begin with and after a baby it's like outta control. I never want to get too comfortable because I feel better about myself when I'm a little bit down. So it's not about what anyone thinks about me, it's what I -- and I'm not trying to be crazy. I don't think I'm huge. I just think, I gotta get it together.

Kim Kardashian and North West arriving at LAX (4)

Kim Kardashian and North West arriving at LAX (1)

Kim's tan does look amazing!

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