Keyshia Cole Explores Her Sexy Side Behind the Scenes of 'She'

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Alright, Keyshia. We see you!

It was just last week, that Keyshia Cole dropped a brand new track titled, "She" where she revealed that she might be looking for some girl-on-girl love, and it looks as though a video is already in the works.

Through a few photos she shared this weekend on Instagram, we get to see the behind-the-scenes process for the new video, and it looks like she's exploring her sensual side by getting naughty in an all-white lingerie number. There's no word yet on who will be playing her love interest.

In the next few months, we can probably expect some very racy stuff from Keyshia as she gears up to release her sixth studio album Point Of No Return. She's definitely moving forward with the next stage in her career as things move forward with her divorce with Daniel "Boobie" Gibson.

Check the new flicks below.

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Keyshia is also filming the video for another single, titled "Believer."


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