Kevin McCall Spills On Getting Eva Marcille Pregnant, Marriage Pressure, The Restraining Order, And Being Mad At Chris Brown

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Kevin McCall on Vlad TV

Who needs a tell-all book when your baby's father is spilling the beans on social media and in interviews!

While some people have a bad day or a week, it seem as though Kevin McCall is having a bad 10 months. Since last April, the singer has been all over the media due to his baby mama drama with ex-girlfriend Eva Marcille, and he hasn't been keeping quiet about the situation. By no means...

The 29-year-old singer is currently going through it with the model/actress over their 1-year-old daughter, Marley Rae. As we have been chronicling, things first went sour when Kevin reportedly chased Eva (while she was holding Marley) around the house while threatening to punch her. The alleged dispute led to a restraining order and claims from Kevin that Eva wouldn't let him see their daughter.

Well now Kevin is telling all in hopes of clearing his name.

The Cali native sat down with VLAD TV recently and revealed that he met Eva at a Chris Brown concert where she was immediately drawn to the fact that he looked like he "just got out of the state penitentiary." He also revealed that just two to three months after dating, she ended up getting pregnant and then pressured him into marrying her. Of course he also dished on the fight that he said was a regular argument and blamed Eva's best friend for getting that restraining order out against him.

As for Chris Brown, who put Kevin McCall on, he has beef with him too.

Read the highlights below!

On How he met Eva:

Me and Eva met actually met at a Chris Brown concert. I was performing 'Deuces' and she was in the crowd, next to one of Chris Brown's friends, EJ [King]. And she was like, 'Who is this dude? He look like he got straight out the state penitentiary? Who is that? I need that!' And [EJ] was like, 'That's just K-Man. You don't know K-Man? He's signed to Chris.' And she's like, "Who is this?" So she Googled me right there and she found a YouTube of me singing "Compliments" on piano and have on a suit. And she's like, 'Oh! So he's not just a thug...there's something else to him. I want to know about this Kevin McCall.' So she got my number from EJ and she hit me up.

[I knew who she was]. I used to watch America's Next Top Model and say, "One day, I'm gonna get [Eva] pregnant." In college, I used to watch it with my home girl.

She had a birthday not too long after that and EJ had me come through. I wasn't supposed to be there because she had a boyfriend at the time and she was really faithful to boyfriend and she don't play that [cheating] stuff. This was after. When she got my number, she didn't have a boyfriend, but by this time that I came to her boyfriend, she had been speaking to someone. She be 'bout her sh-t. So dude was like, 'Sing her happy birthday.' So in the middle of the crowd, I whispered in her ear and sang her 'Happy Birthday.' And I guess after that relationship was over, she remembered that and called me.

On their first date:

It was incredible. I was embarrassed, I was mumbling over my words, stumbling, I didn't know what to say. I didn't know how much money I needed to have. She a top model. Like, how much money do you have to spend for her to like you? That's how I was thinking at the time, but I just learned she was cool as f-ck. She like to smoke weed like me, she's smart. She wasn't nothing like I thought she was or any girl I had met so I loved it.

On how fast things moved:

[We got serious] pretty quick. I'd say she got pregnant two months, three months after. That's the funny thing. She hates for me to say that because it makes her look bad, but what I will say about her is she's such a strong woman that she has to let a man know he likes her or they won't holler. She's like, 'Look, I like you but you still gotta court me now.' So she let me know that she like me and then she played the chase game. And it was fun. I loved it. The baby was made out of love. Marley's a love child, for sure. She's not an accident and she has a beautiful mama.

On their marriage plans:

I always wanted to get married at 30. I just never felt like I'd be ready. And Eva, she's pregnant now and she's like, 'Maybe we can go to the Justice of the Peace before it comes,' and this and that. She's really pushing the marriage thing and it was making me uncomfortable and I just didn't know if it was right. I wanted to wait until I was ready. I think that caused a lot of problems in our relationship. I told her I wasn't ready, but she would be an amazing wife. I don't think you should have sex with anybody you don't see yourself being able to marry in the future.

On a dispute with his first baby's mother:

I was going through a child custody dispute with [Genesis] mother at the time over child support, this and that. And the baby was still fairly young. She was only two years old at the time. I was paying child support and all I was really fighting for was my right [to see my daughter]. So I was going through that dispute and I ended up winning it and [now we have joint custody].

On if there was any beef between Eva and his first baby's mother:

My first daughter's mother is a very intelligent woman. She's very smart and a very good person so she's not like that. So I never had no troubles with that.

On his mental space at the time:

I was in a space where I was bitter and angry with Chris Brown and my career and being signed to him and feeling like he didn't look out. Feeling like the label did me wrong. So I'm mad at everybody in the industry. Whether I want to admit it or not, my finances aren't where I want them because checks aren't coming in because I can't make new deals because I'm signed to Chris Brown and he won't sign off on new deals. That type of stuff going on so I was pissed.

Read what he said about the night he got into an argument with Eva, the restraining order, him moving back into her house and the final straw on Page 2

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