Kendrick Lamar Gets Saved, Kanye West Takes Off His Mask For Jesus, & Other Interesting Things That Happened During The 'Yeezus' Show

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Kendrick Lamar on stage at the Staples Center

It's not too often that you hear celebs, especially rappers and athletes, talk about their spirituality in an open forum.  Earlier this year, we were applauding NBA star Kevin Durant after he talked about being saved and baptized at Pastor Carl Lentz's Hillsong church in New York, and now we can add rapper Kendrick Lamar to that list.

On Monday night, during his show at the Staples Center, Kendrick Lamar stopped his set mid-show to give a shout out to his bishop in the audience and he revealed that he had recently gotten baptized, and turned his life over to God. He also said, "I am now protected in not only the physical realm but the spiritual realm," which was a statement that was probably missed by many because he went right into the next song without skipping a beat. Kudos to Kendrick!

Meanwhile, Kanye's show had plenty of religious undertones, and I wanted to share my thoughts on that.

**Spoiler Alert***

Kanye's "Yeezus" show is so much more complex than the average Hip Hop show that I'm not exactly sure a "Hip Hop" crowd will enjoy it.  Normally, when you go to a rap concert, you are there with your friends, you are kicking back with drinks and singing and dancing along to the music.  That won't happen at this show.  For two hours, we (the audience) stood staring at the stage like zombies as we tried to interpret the visuals that were being presented to us.  It was like a musical, with three to four acts and each song led to a new scene in the story.  He used snow, thunder clouds, a dark creature that lingered over him on a mountain, and 12 women in the nude as props as he ran through songs like "Coldest Winter," "New Slaves," "Bound 2" "I Am A God" "Blood On The Leaves" and some of the darkest tracks in his catalog of music. The definitions of words like "Fighting" and "Pride" also preceded each "act" in the show which could be interpreted as the different things he's dealt with throughout his career.

There was a demonic, gory undertone to the show but I believed that played into Kanye's storyline of fighting his demons.  He wore four different masks throughout his performance, and it wasn't until Jesus came out on stage that he took the mask off.

This was the scene that preceded his "Jesus Walks" performance.

Kanye West approached by Jesus Kanye West takes off his mask for Jesus Kanye West and Jesus

I found this scene to be symbolic of wearing a mask for other people but God knowing who you truly are and your heart. (Maybe I'm looking too far into this.)


Kanye West's Jesus Kanye West bowing down to Jesus

At the end of the show, Jesus appeared again at the top of the mountain, and Kanye fell to his knees.  He then walked off stage as if he was going to join Jesus and the show ended. (Could this be interpreted as him surrendering himself to Jesus?)

Before the show, I thought that there was some blasphemy going on, but after attending, I truly believe there is a profound storyline in there.  Other than that, the show is a total mind f-ck, and I think because of that, no one has really interpreted it correctly or figured out exactly what message Kanye is trying to convey.

Here are a few pics:

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 1.17.41 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 1.17.27 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 1.17.11 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 1.16.57 PM

And the videos (that creeped out my Instagram followers):

In other news, Lamar came in with Khloé and the entire Kardashian family, which caused everyone to cheer, and he looked pretty happy.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 1.25.11 PMJesus screencaps snatched from Kanye's "Jesus Walks" performance and "Bound 2" finale.

Thanks to Carlton Jordan for the assist on Kendrick Lamar.

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