Juju & Cam’ron’s Breakup After She Earned Her Master's Degree Is A Lesson On Outgrowing Your Partner


One of the most bittersweet pains is losing a grip on love at an intersection between growth and complacency.

In some instances, the reason why we fall in love with a person for the comfort that they bring us is one of the factors for a relationship losing its last petal. When we grow inward, we tend to outgrow the things that surround us; a relationship is not omitted. Sometimes for our own evolution, we disconnect from the things that we knew for so long. For Juju, her recent accomplishments are a testament to her growth as a woman, a business person, a brand, and a student.

Finding our own way can come at the cost of losing things that are precious to us, but her recent reflections on her past relationship teach us that it is okay to seek more for yourself.

Juju, who was introduced to the world as Cam'ron's girlfriend, is turning into a mogul in front of the public eye. Currently on the show of Love and Hip Hop, the writer, model, and real estate owner also just received her Master's degree from Barry University. Prior to meeting Cam, Juju was working at an airport and working towards her real estate license in Florida. During their relationship, she was able to learn from Cam on the business side and began to find herself through creating herself. With her best friend by her side and her innate hustle, she was unstoppable. But it seems as though her success created a rift in the relationship between her and Cam.

In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Juju maturely expressed her point of view with the ending of the relationship.

"I would say that we were growing apart. I wouldn't blame Instagram or anything like that. I would just say that we're going in different directions. There were some things that I wasn't going to compromise and one of those things was I'm going to be respected. Because I show you that respect."

The two broke up more than six months ago but went public in November of 2017. For a year or so, there was a progressive decline taking place - Cam'ron stopped inviting Juju out to things that she was involved with since their friendship fifteen years prior. Juju's separate life of becoming the woman she wanted to be began to take a toll on the dynamic.

It isn't impossible that a woman's transition into her independence can become a threat to her partner, especially when the dynamic began with a partnership that was rooted in need. Juju's development in her career and her academia were not rooted in a need for someone else, but rather her choice to better herself and grow.

""I'm sorry I can't be the 2009 Juju. This thing called life is about elevating and growing and if that makes me not fun, I'm okay with that."

It's a beautiful thing to want more for yourself, to water the garden outside of the home you built inside someone else.

One of the most basic skills of survival is adaptability. When one can adapt to change quicker, it ensures an easier way of survival in a space of change. The same holds truth for relationships. As two humans begin to grow together against the inevitable flow of time, there is bound to be change. For a relationship to survive, it depends on the individual's ability to adapt to the changes that are occurring - especially when one is looking to pluck themselves at the roots and relocate to the greener side.

"I knew he had it in him to make our relationship work because I know what he was capable of doing. So when he stopped doing that, I felt like we were growing apart and going in different directions and that's okay."

When you grow inward, you tend to outgrow many things around you. Old wardrobes from our past lives no longer serve the new woman who desires to walk into different rooms. It's important that we maintain gentleness with ourselves and stay grateful for the time spent in love.

To outgrow a partner is nothing to be ashamed of, but to look at with eyes of thankfulness.

Juju is teaching us that the best type of love is a love that can be walked away from with peace, because that is the type of love that watered you from the inside out.

Watch Juju's full interview below.

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