[Exclusive] Jim Jones & Chrissy Dish On Plans For Kids & Marriage, The Popularity Of Rappers On Reality Shows & Women Fighting For Their Men

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Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin Necole Bitchie interview

Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin

They're bacckkkk.

One of our favorite onscreen hip hop couples, Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones, returned to our TV sets last night as VH1 debuted Season 2 of the Love & Hip Hop spinoff,  Chrissy & Mr. Jones.

Just before the premiere, we had a chance to sit down with Jimmy and Chrissy to get some deets on what to expect from the new season.   The cast has expanded to not only include the recurring "crazy" Mama Jones (who is releasing a relationship book), but also the loveable Joseph- Jim's 10-year-old son from a previous relationship who Chrissy affectionately refers to as "Pudy."

In our interview, we discussed Chrissy's take on what Love & Hip Hop has become and her opinion of women fighting on national television for their men, Jim's take on being the first rapper to make bringing your family on TV  "cool", their feedback on Mama Jones' new relationship guide and whether we can expect a wedding spin-off in the near future!

Catch the highlights below:

On what we can expect from Season 2:

Chrissy: This season was really nice. The difference between last season and this season is we’re moving together as a unit. You know, our relationship is in a good place.

On how it's different from filming Love & Hip Hop

Chrissy: I’m at home. I’m with my family. I’m with the people I love. I’m with the people I trust.

Jim: It’s dope. I mean, it feels good to film with my family. You ain’t gotta worry about that excess bullsh*t.

Chrissy: Just the family bullsh*t now. [laughs]

On how it was for Chrissy to embrace the role of a stepmom when Jim's son moved in

Chrissy: Well, I’ve been in Pudy’s [Jim’s son] life, all his life, most of his life. So the difference is that it was just full-time now. And Jimmy, he surprisingly made it easy. You know? I thought it was going to be more of a responsibility and I was fearful in the beginning.  I was scared of the responsibility and being able to do the right thing for him, to him, with him. You know? But it just kind of comes natural because I love him just like his father does. So it works out! It’s been a smooth transition.

Jim: I help just by being a father. I wake up in the morning, make sure my son goes to school. Eat breakfast, come home I do his homework with him, I make sure he’s ready for bed. Try to show him what proper respect is to a woman and different things like that.

On if they plan on having kids together:

Chrissy: [hands mic to Jim] You answer!

Jim Jones: [laughs] I’m looking forward to it.

Chrissy:  Kids are scary! They don’t come with a manual, you don’t know the personality quirks, you don’t know if you’re going to have the patience and you’re stuck! That’s your job. You don’t know if you’re going to raise a serial killer or a scientist! I mean, it’s scary!

On Jim Jones being one of the pioneers of bringing the idea of rappers and their families to television:

Jim: It wasn’t always that cool. I think every rapper was kind of pissed off at me when I first did the reality show, for some reason, one or the other, some personally vested and some others [switches direction of thought]. It just was a little bit difficult for people to understand what I was doing. And lo and behold, after they see the success of what can happen on TV, it seems like, every rapper starts lobbying for a television show. Which is great. It just helps us out a little bit more.

Chrissy: My feelings are a little different, I guess, than his. I think, I mean, he says it’s a good thing. I like to see it because it humanizes- you know- most of the time, rappers are put in boxes. You know? Everybody has these preconceived notions. And they’re real people. They go through real stuff and sometimes you have to check that image and ego at the door. And sometimes they forget. So sometimes when you’re watching those shows, you’re watching those same egos come home. I think it’s good! You get to see a person in all aspects of their life. You know what I mean? I’m all for it.

Chrissy on what she thinks of women fighting on TV for their men, and why we haven't seen her scrapping:

Things happen. Those things happen without the camera and unfortunately they’re happening on camera. But what relationship is perfect? It’s about how you choose to deal with it that makes a difference. And I guess some women feel like they have to fight for their men. So I guess they do what they think they need to do.

Do you think it could ever be you?

Maybe it was me before.

Without the cameras?

Yea. Maybe it was me when I was younger and didn’t know any better… I have nothing bad to say, you know? But be mindful the world is watching you. So if you’re going to do it, let it be something you can walk and be proud of. Make sure that they are worthy of fighting for. Don’t fool yourself. Know what you’re dealing with.

On if they are married yet

Jim: Yea, for five months!

Chrissy: Stop lying! We are not! [laughs] No, but we’re going to do it soon.

On if we should expect a spin-off

Jim: Nah, I don’t know if VH1 has a check for that. But we’re definitely gonna get married- ya dig?

Chrissy and Jim Jones Necole Bitchie interview

You can catch Chrissy & Mr. Jones every Monday at 9pm on Vh1.

Interviewed by Soraya Joseph, Photos by Patrick Neree

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