Jill Scott Ties The Knot!

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 No pressure. No diamonds?

Looks like Ms. Jill Scott is now a Mrs.

Over the weekend, she tied the knot to Mike Dobson. This is her second time taking that walk down the aisle as she was married to Lyzel Williams for 6 years before getting divorce in 2007. From the looks of it, her wedding was a bit of a surprise to family and friends.

The night was full of surprises with Big Daddy Kane making a special appearance.

Last summer Jill Scott did an interview with actresses Regina Hall and Eve Cooper for their Lifetime movie, With This Ring (the movie where three best friends make a pact to get married within a year), where she stated that she feels like women put the pressure on men to get married. She even admitted that she gave her partner of 13 years an ultimatum to put a ring on it- and ended up divorced just years later.

"Regardless of what we do and how much we accomplish, everybody wants to be loved. I did put pressure on someone to get married. An ultimatum. I did that. It was whack. It was a terrible, terrible decision. I said if it doesn’t happen by New Year’s Eve, it’s over. I was asked on December 30."

Wow! We don't know if she put the pressure on her new love but whatever the case may be we wish her much happiness this time around!!

The question is though, do women put the pressure on men to get married? Regina Hall and newlywed Eve Cooper chimed in during that same interview when they talked about their personal experiences and how society encourages women to get married and have kids by a certain age.

Regina: There’s a cultural pressure. I made that [same] vow. I was talking to my girlfriend Sandy and we were on the phone and I was like by this age, a certain age, we have to get married. We can’t walk around blaming being single on our careers.

Eve: It’s cultural, but I think we also apply pressure to ourselves, especially women who have a lot going on. Sometimes it takes a little while for us to find the right person because we’ve been working on our careers. And we’re like ‘Oh, I forgot to do that?! I forgot to get married. I forgot to have kids.’

Do you believe in giving a man a deadline (or ultimatum) to wife you up?

What the entire video of what the ladies had to say on their experiences with missing out (or lucking up) with men and marriage on page 2.

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