Jennifer Hudson Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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Jennifer Hudson David Otunga Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Jennifer Hudson Hollywood Walk Of FameFrom American Idol to the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Jennifer Hudson is proof that dreams do come true.

Yesterday, she was accompanied by her sister, husband and son as she stamped her way into the tinsel town elite by getting her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Dazzling in a white mini-dress and werking that slicked down pixie cut, J. Hud looked flawless as she and her family posed for pics while fans yelled "I love you!" from the street.

During her speech, she said:

I knew I would get emotional and I'm sure my mom is in heaven like, 'Jenny, stop crying!' But now is the time to cry, Mama. It is. I don't know where to start because this is an amazing honor as we all know and I did not see it coming. I'm so honored to be here with so many that I love and I feel as though we're all a family. Even all of you guys. It's about -- I love you, too! It's one thing to be in this type of position but it doesn't mean anything if you can't make a difference in the world to someone. I always say that anytime we go out. We make sure we treat everyone like family so with that being said, I'm so honored that all of my family is here with me today.

Later she shared her excitement with being honored and dished on the controversy of reality stars receiving stars (Does she really count as a reality show star??):

[This star] means everything. It inspires me to just wanna continue to say, 'Wow.' My new goal -- I've been blessed to achieve everything I've dreamt about -- so my new goal is like, okay, I want to have longevity. I want to be a staple in Hollywood, and this is a sign that I can be. It's like, 'Wow!' It makes me want to dream up bigger dreams.

On reality TV stars not being eligible for the Walk of Fame

I hope winning an Oscar cancels that out.

I'm a firm believer that if you keep at it, it has no choice but to give in. When I was eliminated from a reality show I said, 'You know what? That's okay because I'm walking away with a prize and that's my talent.' My gift and whatever it is I want, as long as I keep at it and work for it it will have no choice but to give in and here I am.

Go J Hud! So inspiring!

Jennifer Hudson The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Jennifer Hudson Hollywood Walk Of Fame 2

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