Jay Z Has A Lot To Say About TIDAL Critics And The Lack Of Support For Black Businesses

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If you're sitting and waiting on the day that TIDAL tumbles and fails, in the words of Jay, "it would seem like forever is a mighty long time."

The businessman isn't giving up on the music streaming service he relaunched with the help of his celebrity friends two months ago. In fact, Jay Z is doubling down on his claim that TIDAL is for the people and there's a conspiracy to take down the service.

Last night saw the $550 million-mogul holding his first of two “Jaÿ-Z B-Sides" show, an "intimate" concert for TIDAL subscribers who always wanted to see the rapper perform a selection of his deep cuts. During the concert, which also included a Roc-A-Fella reunion of sorts when he brought out former Roc rappers Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, Freeway and Young Gunz on stage, Jay hit back at TIDAL critics and attempted to school the Black community on support and independence with an off the cuff freestyle.

I feel like YouTube is the biggest culprit

Them n****s pay you a tenth of what you supposed to get

You know n****s die for equal pay right?!?

You know when I work I ain’t your slave right?

You know I ain’t shucking and jiving and high-fiving, and you know this ain’t back in the days right?

Well I can’t tell, how the way they killed Freddie Gray right

Shot down Mike Brown how they did Tray right?

Let them continue choking n****s,

We gon’ turn style, I ain’t your token n****

You know I came in this game independent, right?

TIDAL, my own lane, same difference

Oh n****s is skeptical about they own sh*t

You bought nine iPhones and Steve Jobs is rich

Phil Knight worth trillions you still bought those kicks

Spotify worth nine billion and they ain’t say sh*t!

‘Lucy you got some ‘splaining to do’

The only one they hating on look the same as you

That’s cool, I know they trying to bamboozle you

Spending millions on media trying to confuse you

I had to talk to myself, 'Hov you used to it'

It’s politics as usual!

If you do not support TIDAL, is it really a "we're not supporting our own!" situation?

It seems as though consumers are hesitant because they still haven't been told how TIDAL benefits them and not just artists with what some may consider "#richpeopleproblems." As consumers, we already support our favorites when we buy their music, attend concerts and purchase merchandise. Jay himself has received $550 million worth of support over his career. We bought his albums, went to his shows, saw his movies, bought his clothes, drank his liquor, bought his basketball game tickets, and everything else he was selling us.

The difference between those ventures and TIDAL is  we wanted to. He had a product that we wanted/needed. Do consumers want TIDAL? Is "hi fi" audio a big enough draw to pay $25.99 a month when people seem perfectly fine with clear-enough quality via Spotify's $9.99/month plan? It seems as though consumers just keep asking the same questions - "how does this service benefit me? How is it different than other music streaming services that are much cheaper in price?"

Sure, some consumers buy products because it's "cool," (the TIDAL press conference probably benefited greatly from the "cool kids" factor), but others actually buy out of want and/or need.

By the way, it's not highly publicized, but if you pay for TIDAL through their website versus the Apple app store, it is much cheaper. The reason being, TIDAL doesn't have to pay 30 percent of the cut to Apple, as paying the subscription fees directly to them removes the middle man.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 6.43.49 PM

So for $9.99, the quality of the music will be the same as Spotify, but you still can access music videos, exclusive concerts and editorial content that are not available on the other music services.  Maybe TIDAL should focus on that angle versus the "hi-def" talk?

What do you think of Jay's freestyle and the lack of support for black-owned businesses?

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